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No. 1: Be different. Be something else. Be… extreme!

If you’re just like any other random girl on the streets the main male protagonist is never going to notice you! Just being pretty and nice is, apparently, not enough. So here’s rule number one: Whatever your character concept – be it to 100% !

If you wanna play the nice girl than be nicer than any other human being you can possibly imagine! Be as honest as no one else, even if it means to insult the rich, handsome and prince like guy of your dreams. That’s the only way he’ll recognize you anyway. Help homeless people, save little puppies or kittens from the rain and protect the weak even it means that you hurt yourself. Even better – be sure to hurt yourself! That’ll get you a nice little admiration-bonus. How about saving your prince from a car accident and getting yourself hit instead? And since we’re already talking about being extreme: Make sure to be annoyingly naive. Even if you’re thinking something different you should at last act as if every human being, be it nice or bad, is just a misunderstood small child which needs your warming heart and motherly care.

If you’re going for the tough woman who doesn’t need anyone’s protection than make sure to be a master in at least one combat sport. Train your vulgar vocabulary and foul-mouthed accent. A few scars on your body as a proof for past fights might also do their work in impressing your guy as well as awakening his compassion. Fear? That word doesn’t exist in your head – you’re always on the front line of a battle and never going to stop till you achieve what you worked for. A sad and depressing past which formed you like this is a Must-Have! Maybe your parents died in a car accident? Or were murdered? Or you lived alone with your lovely siblings who, one day, suddenly disappeared? Whatever it may be, just don’t skimp with the tragedy.

But maybe you’re neither of these genres? Maybe you’re just a really skilled surgeon who wants to save every patient brought to the hospital regardless of money or status? If so, do your best in screwing up the whole medical system and ignoring as well as bypassing every order given to you and every rule defining the hospital you’re working for. Everyone else’s just corrupt and rotten anyway. You’re the only true doctor working there compared to all those quacks. And you should proof that by holding rebellious but heart warming speeches which’ll change the ideals of your co-workers in no time! Also, save a few peoples lives on the street with nothing more than a ballpoint pen and a glass shard and your job’s perfectly done. Oh, and don’t forget to always appear just in time and save the day when some other doctor messes up a surgery – it’ll make you look extra heroic!


Sungkyunkwan Scandal

Genre: historical, romance, gender-bender

Episodes: 20

Main actress: Park Min Young

Main actors: Park Yoo Chun (nickname “Micky”/member of boy group JYJ and former member of TVXQ), Song Joong Ki, Yoo Ah In

Story: Set during the Joseon Dynasty revolves this drama around three young handsome guys and a girl disguised as one of them at the Sungkyunkwan University, their hardships, love and friendships. Kim Yun Hee (Park Min Young) is a rather smart and independent woman who’s working for her family since her ill brother is forced to remain in the house. She studies hard and determined, is good natured and strong-willed. As the entrance exam for the famous Sungkyunkwan University comes closer and her brother’s still confined to his sick-bed is she brave enough to disguise herself as a man and take his place at the men-only national exam. There she meets intelligent and well educated Lee Seon Joon (Park Yoo Chun) who’s a good family background and rich parents. Even though their characters don’t seem to suit each other are they becoming friends and pass the exam. At school both of them coincidentally get to share a room together. Problem number one: How’s Yun Hee going to keep her identity a secret? Problem number two: Playboy and womanizer Gu Yong Ha (Song Joong Ki) immediately discovers her secret at the very first meeting because… well, because he’s awesome and knows when he has a girl in front of him – and when not. Nevertheless, he decides that it’s better to keep it to himself and just have some fun watching this absurd situation. Problem number three: Troublemaker Moon Jae Shin (Yoo Ah In) also discovers her identity but instead of revealing Yun Hee as a woman is he being silent about it because he falls for her. Problem number four and by far the biggest one: Yun Hee starts to develop some feelings for Seon Joon – who returns them but still thinks she’s a guy.

Own opinion: Was it my first historical drama? I think so. Well, whatever: It’s great! Funny, romantic, dramatic, thrilling, cute – it doesn’t miss a single thing.

I love the topic about a woman trying to do something in a world ruled by men. She’s actually putting herself in great danger by being disguised as a man because back then it was a big disgrace to do something like that. That Yun Hee’s actually smarter than many guys makes it even more interesting and her strong-willed character’s totally cool and admirable!

The best thing about the whole drama, however, is the relationshop between Gu Yong Ha and Moon Jae Shin. Bromance alert! Gosh, their friendship – and I think it turned out to be a little more than just that – is to die for! Song Joong Kis “Yong Ha” is funny, absolutely adorable and made me totally fall in love with him. Yoo Ah Ins “Jae Shin” is heartwarmingly grumpy and shy and made me laugh out loud everytime he appeared on screen. The moments when they both interact with each other are the best parts in general! Side info: This man-man couple was so famous that they even won an award together – totally unexpected! So darn funny! =D


I don’t know what to say more about this drama. It’s great! Perfect! The main couple’s really pretty and even though Park Min Young doesn’t look like guy at all is her acting top notch to compensate that. The costumes are great, the music nice and the whole atmosphere fresh and lovely.

Rating: 9 1/2 points out of 10. Like I said: It’s perfect but somehow, as great as it may be, I can’t place it in the same line with the 10-point-dramas I’ve in mind. Sorry.

PS: By the way, the Sungkyunkwan University still exists and is really famous for being one of the best institutions in South Korea.

Bad Guy

Genre: melodrama, romance, revenge

Episodes: 17

Main actors: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Jae Wook

Main actresses: Han Ga In, Oh Yeon Suh, Jung So Min

Story: Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) is a rather mysterious young man with strong sexy charisma and a brilliant brain who one day suddenly appears out of nowhere in front of young and cute girl Hong Mo Ne (Jung So Min), her older and strict sister Hong Tae Ra (Oh Yeon Suh) and Tae Ras little daughter (played by Jeon Min Seo). The Hong-sisters are the heirs to the so called Haeshin Group – a big and influential company which deals with don’t-ask-me-what. Mo Ne and Tae Ras daughter are immediately drawn into Gun Wooks fatal charm. Especially Mo Ne seems to be unable to resist him in every way possible. And even though she constantly tries to resist him is even righteous Tae Ra finally giving in to her feelings. Their brother Hong Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) on the other hand develops a rather complicated relationship with him: They both like the same girl – Moon Jae In (Han Ga In) – and always want to fight over her but also seem to process into a kind of weird Hyung-Dongsaeng partnership where they eat ice cream together and chit-chat about life and its troubles. What nobody knows yet: Gun Wook didn’t meet the Haeshin-heirs out of coincidence. He has planned a cruel and fatal vengeance for everyone involved in their business and won’t quit till the whole family is completely ruined. The story about his life finally starts to reveal itself step by step…


Own opinion: It’s one of my most favourite dramas ever! I really like storys about revenge and melodramas tend to revolve around such things which’s why I end up watching this kind of genre more than other ones. Plus Kim Nam Gil’s my most beloved actor since “Queen Seon Duk” (his character is called “Bidam”) – he’s just so awesome at displaying certain emotions just through his eyes alone that I can’t stop looking at him.

“Bad Guy” is a melodrama through and through so you shouldn’t expect to be able to laugh out loud or anything while watching it. The whole series is designed in a rather dark toned air and heavy atmosphere. The plot’s not too complicated to get a headache over but it’s definitly nothing one would watch to relax. The characters feel great and totally “real” which makes it even harder for the viewer to beware a certain distance between fictional and real world.

I really like it that the script for “Bad Guy” leaves enough space for the actors and actresses to speak for themselfes. Many scenes are done without much talk but more through looks and emotions – what I prefer because sometimes a persons eyes can say more than a thousand words.

I think it’s kinda obvious if you look at the names above but since some of you might not know them I’m going to mention it nontheless: The acting in “Bad Guy” is the best of the best of the best! It’s the so called “crème de la crème”. The cast is simply perfect and the chemistry between the main characters so damn nerve-racking that I could almost see the sparks going back and forth. I got goosebumps in every episode – something really rare and really great!

Rating: 9 / 10. Even though I watched it around five times already and still thinks it’s one of the best melodramas ever is it impossible to deny the fact that the love story is totally messed up. The revenge and everything related to that is perfectly done but the triangle between Gun Wook, Tae Sung and Jae In annoys me every time.