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No. 3: Make sure to write a not-at-all-private diary.

Especially needed in melodramas should one never underestimate the power of a nicely organized diary by the main heroine. Or another female character since writing diaries seems to be a female character trait only rather than a common hobby.

Make sure that every chapter reveals at least one important secret about a person of your acquaintance. Be it the fact that your best friend killed someone by accident, or your doctor keeps prescribing his patients weird medicine which makes them do irritating stuff, or that a co-worker’s pregnant but hasn’t told anyone yet or… I dunno, that you’re irrevocable in love with someone but that person doesn’t notice you at all.

Or that you’re about to kill someone. Yes, you should definitly write that down. In a book… without a proper lock, of course… where everyone can see it if they’re just determined enough to search for it. Yeah, should absolutely do that.

Writing a diary comes especially in handy when you’re going to die (optional killed by someone or because of cancer) and someone wants to solve the mystery about your death. Since you couldn’t tell anyone for whatever reason but had the time to write it down… just in case, I guess?

Just do everyone a favor and don’t write unimportant and boring every-day-struggles down in that book of yours. That’s not going to help anyone (except for when you have a rare body disability). Since someone is going to find that diary sooner or later anyway you might as well try to create a thriller or romance story via those pages. Draw a little, put some photos in there, make some side notes and the perfect diary a.k.a. journal for everyone to read is finished.


Bad Guy

Genre: melodrama, romance, revenge

Episodes: 17

Main actors: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Jae Wook

Main actresses: Han Ga In, Oh Yeon Suh, Jung So Min

Story: Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) is a rather mysterious young man with strong sexy charisma and a brilliant brain who one day suddenly appears out of nowhere in front of young and cute girl Hong Mo Ne (Jung So Min), her older and strict sister Hong Tae Ra (Oh Yeon Suh) and Tae Ras little daughter (played by Jeon Min Seo). The Hong-sisters are the heirs to the so called Haeshin Group – a big and influential company which deals with don’t-ask-me-what. Mo Ne and Tae Ras daughter are immediately drawn into Gun Wooks fatal charm. Especially Mo Ne seems to be unable to resist him in every way possible. And even though she constantly tries to resist him is even righteous Tae Ra finally giving in to her feelings. Their brother Hong Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) on the other hand develops a rather complicated relationship with him: They both like the same girl – Moon Jae In (Han Ga In) – and always want to fight over her but also seem to process into a kind of weird Hyung-Dongsaeng partnership where they eat ice cream together and chit-chat about life and its troubles. What nobody knows yet: Gun Wook didn’t meet the Haeshin-heirs out of coincidence. He has planned a cruel and fatal vengeance for everyone involved in their business and won’t quit till the whole family is completely ruined. The story about his life finally starts to reveal itself step by step…


Own opinion: It’s one of my most favourite dramas ever! I really like storys about revenge and melodramas tend to revolve around such things which’s why I end up watching this kind of genre more than other ones. Plus Kim Nam Gil’s my most beloved actor since “Queen Seon Duk” (his character is called “Bidam”) – he’s just so awesome at displaying certain emotions just through his eyes alone that I can’t stop looking at him.

“Bad Guy” is a melodrama through and through so you shouldn’t expect to be able to laugh out loud or anything while watching it. The whole series is designed in a rather dark toned air and heavy atmosphere. The plot’s not too complicated to get a headache over but it’s definitly nothing one would watch to relax. The characters feel great and totally “real” which makes it even harder for the viewer to beware a certain distance between fictional and real world.

I really like it that the script for “Bad Guy” leaves enough space for the actors and actresses to speak for themselfes. Many scenes are done without much talk but more through looks and emotions – what I prefer because sometimes a persons eyes can say more than a thousand words.

I think it’s kinda obvious if you look at the names above but since some of you might not know them I’m going to mention it nontheless: The acting in “Bad Guy” is the best of the best of the best! It’s the so called “crème de la crème”. The cast is simply perfect and the chemistry between the main characters so damn nerve-racking that I could almost see the sparks going back and forth. I got goosebumps in every episode – something really rare and really great!

Rating: 9 / 10. Even though I watched it around five times already and still thinks it’s one of the best melodramas ever is it impossible to deny the fact that the love story is totally messed up. The revenge and everything related to that is perfectly done but the triangle between Gun Wook, Tae Sung and Jae In annoys me every time.