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The Great Queen Seondeok

Genre: historical

Episodes: 62 + 1 special episode

Main actresses: Lee Yo Won, Ko Hyun Jung, Park Ye Jin

Main actors: Uhm Tae Woong, Kim Nam Gil, Jeon No Min, Jung Woong In, Ahn Kil Kang, Yoo Seung Ho…

(Sorry, but this is endless! There are way too many main actors in this drama! xDD )

Story: Deokman (Lee Yo Won) is born as the second twin to the king and queen of Silla in Korea. A famous prophecy had it that the moment royal twins are born bad luck will fall upon the kingdom and endanger every citizen. To safe their two daughters from being murdered, the parents decided to send Deokman far away to have her live a normal life while their other princess Cheon-Myeong (Park Ye Jin) will stay in the palace. So Deokman grew up knowing nothing about her real family whatsover but eventually finds out later on. She comes back to Silla to face her destiny – and her greatest enemie ever: Mishil (Ko Hyun Jung), the most influential court lady who has about half the palace under her control. Luckily, Deokman doesn’t have to fight for her right place all alone: Always at her side is the strong and loyal warrior Kim Yushin (Uhm Tae Woong) who’d do anything to help and protect her. Later on, the mysterious and kind of funny guy Bidam (Kim Nam Gil) joins them out of curiosity but soon after becomes a trustworthy and lovely companion. Watch the path of a woman who’ll have to go through many hardships before finally being the first female ruler in Korean history by using intelligence, trust and inner strength as her weapons of choice.

Okay, I can’t find even one video which could describe this dramas awesomeness without showing too much spoilers so I decided to let you listen to the main OST:

Own opinion: One word – EPIC!!!

Please don’t let yourself be discouraged by this dramas length. I also started watching this with the clear intention of never finishing it without skipping half of the episodes but I was unexpectedly wrong.

“Queen Seon Duk” is the most epic drama I’ve ever watched. Let alone the fact that the history behind the plot and most of the characters is true: The acting, music, costumes, action scenes, landscaping and details are enchanting, to say the least. I got sucked into this drama like dust into a brand new vacuum cleaner. 😉

I loved the development of the main heroine from a somewhat vulgar teen to a strong and independent queen by fighting a seemly lost battle. Deokman fails more often than she succeeds at the beginning of her path – which shows not only great realism as well as determination to pull through but also her amazing talent to gain strength out of a loss. “Queen Seon Duk” is, ultimately, not about birthright but about experience, what you make of it, how it shapes you and if you’re willing to fight for what is right – even if it means sacrificing something else. This drama presents you with a whole new universe of Korean history and maybe it’s because it is so long or detailed or emotionally surrounding but once it’s over you’ll feel its loss on a level of losing a home.

My favorite part, however, is forever Bidam. He is and always will be my most beloved drama character of all times. Beautifully twisted and torn, funny and dangerous, pitiful and creepy is he “Queen Seon Duk”s secret weapon. Fans were amazed by Kim Nam Gil’s display of his character, a guy so deep that he hits you directly where it hurts and leaves a scar that’ll never stop tearing at your insides. Bidam is, ultimately, the reason why I came to love this story so much. Kim Nam Gil became my favorite actor and, to this day, I still re-watch his most memorable scenes in “Queen Seon Duk” over and over again. I guess it’s the very blurry line of what makes a human being good and/ or bad that Kim Nam Gil’s interpretation of Bidam draws which makes him so captivating.

All in all, “Queen Seon Duk” is a drama classic; THE historical drama out of all historical dramas ever. It’s one of those stories that, if you haven’t watched it yet, will make you only half a Korean drama lover. 1. Because of the history behind the story (You ought to know that part of Korean history, pal!); 2. because of the actors (Half of today’s main actors played the child versions of the main characters here and the other half is today’s pool of veteran actors and actresses. I swear, you’ll recognize every face in that drama!); 3. because of its popularity (The scale of detail in this drama, really! It’s breathtaking!).

Rating: 10 / 10. I really don’t have anything else to say to this other than epic.


Bad Guy

Genre: melodrama, romance, revenge

Episodes: 17

Main actors: Kim Nam Gil, Kim Jae Wook

Main actresses: Han Ga In, Oh Yeon Suh, Jung So Min

Story: Gun Wook (Kim Nam Gil) is a rather mysterious young man with strong sexy charisma and a brilliant brain who one day suddenly appears out of nowhere in front of young and cute girl Hong Mo Ne (Jung So Min), her older and strict sister Hong Tae Ra (Oh Yeon Suh) and Tae Ras little daughter (played by Jeon Min Seo). The Hong-sisters are the heirs to the so called Haeshin Group – a big and influential company which deals with don’t-ask-me-what. Mo Ne and Tae Ras daughter are immediately drawn into Gun Wooks fatal charm. Especially Mo Ne seems to be unable to resist him in every way possible. And even though she constantly tries to resist him is even righteous Tae Ra finally giving in to her feelings. Their brother Hong Tae Sung (Kim Jae Wook) on the other hand develops a rather complicated relationship with him: They both like the same girl – Moon Jae In (Han Ga In) – and always want to fight over her but also seem to process into a kind of weird Hyung-Dongsaeng partnership where they eat ice cream together and chit-chat about life and its troubles. What nobody knows yet: Gun Wook didn’t meet the Haeshin-heirs out of coincidence. He has planned a cruel and fatal vengeance for everyone involved in their business and won’t quit till the whole family is completely ruined. The story about his life finally starts to reveal itself step by step…


Own opinion: It’s one of my most favourite dramas ever! I really like storys about revenge and melodramas tend to revolve around such things which’s why I end up watching this kind of genre more than other ones. Plus Kim Nam Gil’s my most beloved actor since “Queen Seon Duk” (his character is called “Bidam”) – he’s just so awesome at displaying certain emotions just through his eyes alone that I can’t stop looking at him.

“Bad Guy” is a melodrama through and through so you shouldn’t expect to be able to laugh out loud or anything while watching it. The whole series is designed in a rather dark toned air and heavy atmosphere. The plot’s not too complicated to get a headache over but it’s definitly nothing one would watch to relax. The characters feel great and totally “real” which makes it even harder for the viewer to beware a certain distance between fictional and real world.

I really like it that the script for “Bad Guy” leaves enough space for the actors and actresses to speak for themselfes. Many scenes are done without much talk but more through looks and emotions – what I prefer because sometimes a persons eyes can say more than a thousand words.

I think it’s kinda obvious if you look at the names above but since some of you might not know them I’m going to mention it nontheless: The acting in “Bad Guy” is the best of the best of the best! It’s the so called “crème de la crème”. The cast is simply perfect and the chemistry between the main characters so damn nerve-racking that I could almost see the sparks going back and forth. I got goosebumps in every episode – something really rare and really great!

Rating: 9 / 10. Even though I watched it around five times already and still thinks it’s one of the best melodramas ever is it impossible to deny the fact that the love story is totally messed up. The revenge and everything related to that is perfectly done but the triangle between Gun Wook, Tae Sung and Jae In annoys me every time.