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Flower Boys

People who’re into Korean music and dramas definitely heard this term before. Everyone in South Korea admires these guys, every girl wants a boyfriend like them and every boy wants to look alike: Flower Boys! But for someone who’s new to the world of S-Lines, Aegyos and Cross dressing things like these might be a bit confusing. Wasn’t it the same for all of us? So today I’m going to explain the term “Flower Boy” and what it takes to be considered as such.

First let’s take the word “boy”. Since it’s not “Flower Man” there’s definitly a limit as to how old you can get to be called a “Flower Boy”. The oldest you can possibly be is 29 or 30. Everyone above that age is a full grown man no matter how young you may look. The youngest flower boys can be found in Idol Groups such as EXO, SHINee or TeenTop – when they had their debut – and are around 13 or 14 years old. Everything below that age is still a child. “Flower Boys” have inter alia the task to impress women and be desirable and wouldn’t it be kind of creepy to desire a kid who’s still 10 or 11 years young? Though 14 isn’t really any better but I never was into boys who’re younger than me anyway. 😉 So the most common age for Flower Boys is between 16 and 28.

Second the term “flower”. Normally when asked which sex you would pick when given the word “flower” most people would say women. And that’s the point: Flower Boys have feminine features. For men in my country it’d be a big insult to say something like “You’re so beautiful that you almost look like a girl!” In Asia, especially South Korea, saying a thing like that is actually meant to be a compliment. Not every guy likes it, naturally, but they’re not offended by it per se. So, what does a Flower Boy need to call himself by that term? One must have soft, milky and flawless skin; big watery eyes or at least a killer eye-smile; smooth red lips; a great body and last but not least tender face features. Tender within the meaning of delicate – like a wax mask.

As a “Flower Boy” – like the term explains – flowers are symbolically flying around you. The air feels fresh when you enter a room and your image’s like that of an angel – white wings would definitly suit you. Your eyes shine brighter than the sun and you look admirable whatever you do. That’s how “Flower Boys” are sold in the korean society.

Here a few examples:


No matter how you look at it: These boys are the very incarnation of the word “handsome”!! ❤


Boys Before Flowers

Genre: romance, school

Episodes: 25 (Somewhere in the middle of the series is an imaginary cut and the second season begins but since it’s not marked anywhere let’s just ignore that.)

Main actresses: Ku Hye Seon, Kim So Eun

Main actors: Lee Min Ho, Kim Hyun Joong, Kim Beom, Kim Jun

Story: Geum Jan Di (Ku Hye Seon) is an ordinary poor young girl who unexpectedly gets the chance to study at the most prestigious private high school in Seoul. Unfortunately she involves herself with the so called “F4”: The four richest and most handsome guys in school. Captained by cold hearted and fearless Goo Jun Pyo (Lee Min Ho) are he and his three friends – the breathlessly beautiful Yun Ji Hu (Kim Hyun Joong), playboy So Lee Jeong (Kim Beom) and gangster son Song Woo Bin (Kim Jun) – the kings among the students. Everyone tries to please and help them in any way possible since they fear the consequences if they don’t obey. Everyone – except for Geum Jan Di. First bullied by F4 because she won’t listen to their wishes is mysterious Yun Ji Hu soon starting to be amused by her stubborn behaviour and begins to help her out. Thanks to his charming ways it can’t be helped that Jan Di falls for him – just when F4s captain Goo Jun Pyo sets his eye on her.

But Geum Jan Di’s not the only person being confronted with confusing feelings: Her best friend Choo Ga Eul (Kim So Eun) gets to know F4s playboy So Lee Jeong and is immediately drawn into his charm. But he’s not interested in a serious relationship and only wants to play around. Really, what can be done with these pampered guys?



The thing about the second-couple syndrome:

Own opinion: It is THE drama among korean dramas! Many people who’re new to the asian TV-series-wave start with this one. It’s one of the most watched romance dramas of all times and still on one of the top places when it comes to popularity. The hype around “Boys Before Flowers” never died down and it’ll probably stay that way for the next few years. But what makes this series so darn famous?

Well, the cinderella story of a poor but nice girl falling in love with the rich handsome prince never gets old. Many romance movies are based on this theme and I totally understand why since a lot of women – buried somewhere deep inside of their hearts – still like to dream about the sparkling hero on the white horse. It’s something people of every age and nationlity can refer to. South Korean citizen are no exception – and neither am I. “Boys Before Flowers” is the ultimate cinderella-drama and brings the story to its own limits. This series really deserves being called “drama”. It’s so dramatic that it starts to become tiring at one point of the story. In each korean drama you’ll find at least one or two stereotypical situations because they’re simply a part of that business but here you’ve every single one of them! Every single one!

Beginning with the so famous poor-but-nice-girl-and-her-rich-but-totally-arrogant-boy story, going over several stupid misunderstandings, the bitchy mother-in-law who can’t stand the poor girlfriend of her son, humilations, jealousy which isn’t detected as such and even amnesia – this drama has them all! Like I said: At one point of the story it became a hassle for me to watch it any further and if it wouldn’t have been for the love line between Kim Beom and Kim So Eun I don’t know if I could’ve finished this one. But really, these two are just so very perfect and adorable in this drama that many fans still want them to date in real life. They suit each other so breathtakingly fantastic that the viewer must wonder about them being real after all. ❤

Rating: 7 /10 – Despite the fact that “Boys Before Flowers” has everything a Korean romance drama should have it might be a bit too much, though. And the acting of Kim Hyun Joong – even though he may be really good now – doesn’t convince me in this one. Yes, I know that he was still some kind of a rookie back then but especially then they shouldn’t have given him such a major role. A handsome face doesn’t make up for a so-so acting performance. Nevertheless, he wasn’t bad. Just… kind of weak compared to actors like Lee Min Ho and Kim Beom right next to him.

PS: There is also a japanese version of this drama called “Hana Yori Dango”. I’ll review that one in the japanese drama section sometime later. 🙂 The taiwanese version calls itself “Meteor Garden” for those of you who’re interested. ^^