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Mendol-Ikemen Idol

Genre: music, comedy

Episodes: 12

Main actresses: Kojima Haruna, Takahashi Minami, Minegishi Minami

Story: Asahi (Kojima Haruna), Nami (Takahashi Minami) and Hinata (Minegishi Minami) are all young, pretty and cute. The three of them want to be famous Idols by any means which’s why they attend one casting after another. But despite disappointments, failures and sexual assaults there’s nothing going as they wish for. Then one day – after another failed audition – they witness a criminal act and are now the target of those gangsters. Unexpectedly, the director of an entertainment agency helps them flee and even offers to let them debut… provided their approval to disguise themselves as a boy group! So besides the hurdles of a normal fresh music trio enterting the music business Asahi, Nami and Hinata have to be especially cautious about their identities not being revealed. And as if that wouldn’t be enough other problems start to arise thanks to their masquerade – for example a forceful songstress who falls in love with the male version of Nami, a producer who likes Asahi as a guy and begins to question his sexuality and a paparazzo childhood friend who stalks them 24h per day. How are they ever going to live the life of an Idol in all this chaos?

The opening (I didn’t find it with english subtitles but it pretty much explaines itself.):

Own opinion: To be honest I think it’s quite weird. The idea’s really cool and unique which’s why I watched it in the first place but the whole making’s just totally bizarre. Let alone the fact that Minegishi Minami is way too cute and feminine to look like a boy. I guess I need to ignore that one because they all played together in this drama since they’re a girl group in real life anyway. Ever heard of “AKB48”? It’s the most famous girl group in Japan and probably whole Asia. You’ll know why if you look at the name. Oh yes! Not kidding you! “AKB48” has exactly 48 young female members. Because all of them could never fit on one stage they’ve countless sub-units – one of them called “no3b”, including our main actresses in this dorama. Don’t ask me about the name of that sub-unit though. I don’t get it either.

Well, there are still a lot of other things which bothered me while watching this series besides their absolutely not-male faces. For example the fact that they always wear the same stage outfit. I mean: Yes, it’s definitely stylish but which idol group’s wearing the same thing over and over again? Doesn’t it smell? Or for another example those really really really weird L-scenes. It’s not about the fact that they’re women but about the fact they kissed every five friggin’ minutes! WHY? Move on with the plot, damnit! I also like kisses – but not ten times in a row! -.- Maybe I could’ve even ignored that but what the heck was it with that damn whip? O.o So strange!!

The only things which kept me watching were: First of all the relationship between that songstress and Nami – so darn cute! ❤ Second Minegishi Minami. I didn’t know her before but even as a woman I can’t deny the fact that she’s the most adorable girl I’ve ever seen. Like a doll! Flawless from every angle. >.< Well, and as for the third thing it’s the length of this series. Every episode’s around 30 minutes long and the whole drama only has 12 episodes. I thought about this matter kind of like drawing a picture: Even if I’m going to throw it away at the end I still need to finish it to see how it looks as a complete composition. And it won’t even take that much time.

Rating: 4 / 10 – The idea’s good and the title song “3 Seconds” pretty catchy, alright. Some scenes are funny and the costumes rather cool. The rest though… -.-