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Unreasonably High Expectations

I hate this. -.- This side effect when watching Asian dramas all the time. Like some… odd reflex when seeing a guy – a reflex you can’t control anymore because it already grew together with the synapses of your brain.

Park Hae Jin

Perfection in human kind is impossible? You might want to overthink that again…

Guys. Boys. Men. Call them what you want: They’re still not the real problem here! Yeah, I know that women tend to say their biggest problems always involve the other gender BUT kdrama-lovers are a special species. Neither female nor male fans are to be reviewed as normal human beings. We’re different. We think different. Our brains work different. 😉

Unreasonably high expectations. It’s something that builds up so slowly and silently that we don’t even notice it until it’s too late. Like I said: It’s not the guys. It’s us. TT__TT

When watching Asian dramas/ movies/ shows and listening to that kind of music one is confronted with out-of-this-world perfection everyday. Idols who can sing, dance, play instruments, act, are funny, polite, talented, humble and true gentlemen. Women who don’t seem to grow older, are so cute that even I start to get a red face and have bodies other girls would kill for. Actors who are as hot as the sun, super hard working and always donating money for some kind of good purpose. I could go on for hours but I think you caught what I wanted to say.


Ji Chang Wook

I wonder though… do they always look like that? I mean: Bad-hair days do exist everywhere, right?! ;D

It’s cool to watch all those great people and fan-girl over them but at the same time it’s a little burdensome to realize how very “none-special” oneself is. How normal and… well, compared to those idols and actors, untalented. But that’s okay as long as I can go back to that perfect drama world and at least imagine myself to be one of them. 😉

The true demon lies in the subconsciousness…

We don’t realize it at first but those said expectations start to build up as soon as one is addicted to the Asian drama world. I have the presumption that it’s beginning after getting the first second-lead-syndrome: The liking of perfection. Or perfect imperfection (which’s still perfection, by the way). We see guys who love clumsy, boyish, country pumpkin like girls as if they’re some breathtakingly beautiful princesses from another star.

Yoo Seung Ho

And the age range! O_o From 18 to 55, you’ve every kind of perfection you wish for!

Gentle guys who treat their beloved ones like they’re made of glass. Who’re always there for them no matter where and at which hour. Men who would not simply buy a birthday present but listen to their dreams and make one based on what they wish for. Boys who are protecting their women against everyone even though they’re pretty weak themselves. Who don’t mind getting hurt as long as the one they love is happy. Who will always be there, in the shadows, watching over them in a cute and not-at-all-creepy-stalker-like way. xDD

Funny guys who’ll take their girlfriends to places they’ve never been before and would probably have never gone to if not for their man. Places where one can experience once-in-a-lifetime situations and be happy and excited and thrilled. Guys who’ll make their women laugh and happy in every moment they get the chance to. Who are best friends you can talk to about your problems and lovers you just want to have in bed right the fu*k now all the time! Who’re so cute that you want to cuddle them the whole day long but who’re also so sexy that you can’t help but drool over them. ❤

Cool guys who not only protect their women in every situation and appear like a hero out of the blue but also save other peoples lives. Who are crazily smart and handsome and still clumsy and lovely in front of the one they love. Men who don’t look it but are so romantic that your hair will stand up! Who’d bring their girlfriend the stars from heaven if asked to. Who’ll fight for their love and never give up on it as long as they live. Men with pride and high values who’re willing to give up on everything just for this one person in their heart.

Lee Jong Suk

And the skin, man! Q_Q It’s to cry for!

… Honestly, how can a normal girl remain her normal expectations when it comes to dating after all this unhealthy influence? TT__TT

But it’s not only the perfection of the person. As if comparing every possible dating possibility to those unreal kdrama-guys wouldn’t be enough already. -.-

It’s also the perfection of the moment. The first meeting. The first time you hold hands. The first kiss.

Real life is no movie. Kdrama-addicts know that but… we still wish for those super cringe-worthy moments where we meet our fated ones in such a memorable sweet way that we undoubtedly know he’s the one. Or where we get kissed “against our will” (yeah, is if), pressed on a wall, in the middle of being rained on, passionately and manly. Or gently, under a sea of cherry blossoms, with people staring at you but not caring, while holding hands and after he put a super cute self-made necklace around your neck. Or after getting in trouble and running away together, unknowingly holding hands and laughing your heart out, feeling that strange yet warm connection to each other and linking your eyes with such chemistry that one can almost see the sparks…

Song Joong Ki

It’s so unfair! I mean: look at him! He’s not even doing anything except… lying around, eyeing the camera! -.- Handsomeness, man – not cool (except for when it is – like in this case. xDD )

Etc. That could go on for days. The thing is that some people really did experience some of those or other dream-like situations with the love of their life that it makes you wonder: Is it actually possible? Can I have a love life like those drama-characters? Can I get a man like that? Can I be like one of those girls?

Well, in my case: Nope. I’m not the least bit like Korean women so – obviously – I won’t get a man like that. But hey, maybe- … there, you see?  -.- I started dreaming again! In the middle of the day! Hoping for something that was written and filmed by someone. -.- Urgh, it’s hopeless. How am I ever going to find a boyfriend when my mind won’t give way to anyone worse than a Ji Chang Wook, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk or Ok Taecyeon in the middle of a cherry blossom sea with a couple ring in his hand? Duh…

Lee Jong Suk & Kim Woo Bin

If you may excuse me now? I’m going to die a little…

Aaah, and just when you think it can’t get any creepier (Because yes, their handsomeness sometimes creeps me the fu** out!) THIS shows up! Just kill me with your beauty, why don’t you? -.-

Park Hyung Sik

Really? Are you serious?! Doesn’t there have to be a line of handsomeness you mustn’t cross? I mean: At this point it HAS to be dangerous for his environment, right?! Ah~ TT__TT



Flower Boys

People who’re into Korean music and dramas definitely heard this term before. Everyone in South Korea admires these guys, every girl wants a boyfriend like them and every boy wants to look alike: Flower Boys! But for someone who’s new to the world of S-Lines, Aegyos and Cross dressing things like these might be a bit confusing. Wasn’t it the same for all of us? So today I’m going to explain the term “Flower Boy” and what it takes to be considered as such.

First let’s take the word “boy”. Since it’s not “Flower Man” there’s definitly a limit as to how old you can get to be called a “Flower Boy”. The oldest you can possibly be is 29 or 30. Everyone above that age is a full grown man no matter how young you may look. The youngest flower boys can be found in Idol Groups such as EXO, SHINee or TeenTop – when they had their debut – and are around 13 or 14 years old. Everything below that age is still a child. “Flower Boys” have inter alia the task to impress women and be desirable and wouldn’t it be kind of creepy to desire a kid who’s still 10 or 11 years young? Though 14 isn’t really any better but I never was into boys who’re younger than me anyway. 😉 So the most common age for Flower Boys is between 16 and 28.

Second the term “flower”. Normally when asked which sex you would pick when given the word “flower” most people would say women. And that’s the point: Flower Boys have feminine features. For men in my country it’d be a big insult to say something like “You’re so beautiful that you almost look like a girl!” In Asia, especially South Korea, saying a thing like that is actually meant to be a compliment. Not every guy likes it, naturally, but they’re not offended by it per se. So, what does a Flower Boy need to call himself by that term? One must have soft, milky and flawless skin; big watery eyes or at least a killer eye-smile; smooth red lips; a great body and last but not least tender face features. Tender within the meaning of delicate – like a wax mask.

As a “Flower Boy” – like the term explains – flowers are symbolically flying around you. The air feels fresh when you enter a room and your image’s like that of an angel – white wings would definitly suit you. Your eyes shine brighter than the sun and you look admirable whatever you do. That’s how “Flower Boys” are sold in the korean society.

Here a few examples:


No matter how you look at it: These boys are the very incarnation of the word “handsome”!! ❤