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Off road experiences

I may be addicted to asian dramas, films, music and its culture but sometimes I just feel like I need a break – even if it’s just a short one. My life basically revolves around Japan and South Korea and everything in my room – beginning with my interior and ending with a closet full of clothes I bought because they looked a little bit like some stage outfits from idol groups – reminds me that this is what I was made for each day.

But I think it’d be kind of narrow minded to say that I’m not interested in any other stuff. Of course there are English bands and singers I like a lot and of course there are English movies and series I could watch over and over again without getting bored. (For those of you who’re wondering about them just read my post “Off Road” below the menu “I My Me Mine”.)

Most of the times, however, I can’t help but be reminded about Asian things while looking at something else. Do you know that feeling? You watch a Hollywood movie and suddenly you think that you saw this and that scene in a Korean drama once before. You listen to an English band and then a melody is played which brings back memories of a Japanese song. Or you can’t decide whether to order pizza or burger tonight and while you’re still looking at the menu your brain unexpectedly starts screaming “sushi” out of nowhere – even though it isn’t even an option on the menu.

I experienced that way too often! These days it’s even going as far as to think that non-Asian actors and actresses look a little bit like some Korean and Japanese ones I know. Today for example I watched the Iron-Man-movies again since I really like Robert Downey Jr. and his character “Tony Stark” and I was totally enjoying this over exaggerated hollywood-action-super-hero topic when suddenly a weird thought popped up in my mind: ‘With glasses, grey hair and a smaller statue he’d kind of look like Lee Jung Gil, wouldn’t he? … Wait, WHAT?!’ O.o

I don’t want to think that. Honestly! It just happens automatically. … I can’t even say if I’m proud or just kind of freaked out by myself. Do you guys happen to know what I’m trying to explain here? It’s crazy, right?!


Once upon a time…

… I was a normal little girl. I liked Barbie, dolls, playing mother-father-child and cooking a lot of interesting meals with plastic dishes. I’d go out in our garden and catch little pitiful insects to watch them trying to escape their prison called “jam jar”. My older sister liked to play with building blocks which were originally mine just to tell me that I’ve to play with the house she constructed just now. I didn’t mind.

So quite a normal childhood. Until I met the Japanese cartoons in the afternoon-TV.

I’m sure many people know about series like “Sailor Moon”, “Detective Conan”, “Inuyasha”, “Pokémon” and the rest of that sort. That’s how all of this began. I got infected with the “Anime-Virus” and from then on my life revolved around the time after school and before going to bed. My parents are sort of strict so they allowed my sister and me roughly one hour of TV per day. No need to mention that we hardly followed that order, right? There were just too many interesting anime’s going on so we couldn’t help it! 😉

Aah, the nostalgia’s strong with this one. ❤

Man, how I loved Inuyasha. xD And the song still gives me chills.

I actually use this as my work-out background music sometimes. xDD

Sheesh, the memories with this one! -^^- Conan was basically my everyday-after-school date for years!

Soon after discovering these series I found out about the Japanese comics – manga’s. Well, one thing led to another and my sister and I began to collect all sorts of manga’s at our home. I even began to draw these kind of figures myself and the more I was getting into the matter the more passion grew inside of me. My love for Asian things became a part of me and even my family began to recognize that. They gave me all kind of Asian gifts for birthdays, Christmas and other holidays. It was great! ❤

The step from manga’s and anime’s to Asian dramas with real actors and actresses was done by a manga called “Hana Kimi” – a really cute one – which was the “model” for a Japanese drama. I don’t remember it that exactly anymore but I think the friend who borrowed me “Hana Kimi” told me about the drama series. Well, however I got there doesn’t really matter. The point is: I loved it! So much that I searched for other dramas like this and found a website with thousand and more thousand series – Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Taiwanese… you can’t imagine my reaction! I was literally blown away!


I still clearly know which was my second drama because this one guided me to the Asian music industry: “You’re Beautiful”. I fell in love with Jung Yong Hwa (second male lead) at once and as I was collecting some information about him I stumbled over his band “CN Blue”. While watching the famous music video “I’m a Loner” on YouTube some other videos related to k-pop showed up at the right side bar – and one click later I found myself confronted with the 13 handsome boys of “Super Junior”. What should I tell you? They had me in their hands immediately. Again, one thing led to another and a few months later I knew about almost every k-pop group and singer there was to know, started to spend my days indoor watching k-dramas and collected information about idols and actors.

CN Blue: I’m a Loner

My first ever MV by Super Junior – and I fell hard! 😉 Especially for Donghae… #FirstKoreanIdolCrush ❤

Super Junior: Sorry Sorry

That’s how it started. People often said – and some still do – that I waste my time with these things and should do something “useful” instead – to which my question always is what “useful” means in their eyes. And why I should live my life according to their opinion of “useful”. I am responsible for my own life and no one else. I don’t owe anyone an explanation as to why I am doing with my time what I am doing. Neither my parents nor friends or anyone else. They won’t live my life for me, right?

And as I am looking at my lovely Korean and Japanese friends which I treasure dearly I know that it was the right thing to do. =)

Blog Topic & Information

Hello everyone!

First of all: Thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t know how you got here but since you’re already present, do take your time and look around. Just one little thing before take-off: English isn’t my mother tongue. I always try my best to write nicely and without major errors but mistakes happen and if you happen to find one – ignore it, it’s mine! 😉

So this blog, huh? What it’s about? Well, about the world I live in; about the passion that defines me; about the thing I could talk about all day, every day. The heading makes it pretty obvious: This blog is about Asian dramas, movies, music, actors and actresses, idols, the culture, food and any other thing that comes to mind.

I’ve loved Japan since I was but a little child; culture, language and people. I’ve loved how this country’s so completely different compared to mine and never fails to surprise me. My interest and later on love for other Asian countries such as Korea or China grew naturally as I drowned myself deeper and deeper in their culture. As life is though, interests change and what started as an admiration for everything Japanese slowly turned into an adoration for everything Korean. I can honestly say that I find both countries equally compelling considering their difference to mine. South Korea grew on me though, like I never thought it would and, as it stands, is my favorite country now. The language is easier to learn and, as far as personal opinions go in these matters, softer on the ears. I like Korean food mostly better than Japanese food (minus Sushi) and I do love their traditional clothing (Hanbok) – admitted, on the other hand, that probably nothing will ever look as good, divine and beautiful in my eyes as a traditional Japanese Kimono. ❤ Still, South Korea did its magic on me and I’m all too willing to remain bewitched… 😉

PS: Before the question arises – yes, I’ve been to both countries, Japan and South Korea, and no, I cannot say which one is “better”. They’re both equally beautiful and breathtaking. 🙂