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No. 1: Be different. Be something else. Be… extreme!

If you’re just like any other random girl on the streets the main male protagonist is never going to notice you! Just being pretty and nice is, apparently, not enough. So here’s rule number one: Whatever your character concept – be it to 100% !

If you wanna play the nice girl than be nicer than any other human being you can possibly imagine! Be as honest as no one else, even if it means to insult the rich, handsome and prince like guy of your dreams. That’s the only way he’ll recognize you anyway. Help homeless people, save little puppies or kittens from the rain and protect the weak even it means that you hurt yourself. Even better – be sure to hurt yourself! That’ll get you a nice little admiration-bonus. How about saving your prince from a car accident and getting yourself hit instead? And since we’re already talking about being extreme: Make sure to be annoyingly naive. Even if you’re thinking something different you should at last act as if every human being, be it nice or bad, is just a misunderstood small child which needs your warming heart and motherly care.

If you’re going for the tough woman who doesn’t need anyone’s protection than make sure to be a master in at least one combat sport. Train your vulgar vocabulary and foul-mouthed accent. A few scars on your body as a proof for past fights might also do their work in impressing your guy as well as awakening his compassion. Fear? That word doesn’t exist in your head – you’re always on the front line of a battle and never going to stop till you achieve what you worked for. A sad and depressing past which formed you like this is a Must-Have! Maybe your parents died in a car accident? Or were murdered? Or you lived alone with your lovely siblings who, one day, suddenly disappeared? Whatever it may be, just don’t skimp with the tragedy.

But maybe you’re neither of these genres? Maybe you’re just a really skilled surgeon who wants to save every patient brought to the hospital regardless of money or status? If so, do your best in screwing up the whole medical system and ignoring as well as bypassing every order given to you and every rule defining the hospital you’re working for. Everyone else’s just corrupt and rotten anyway. You’re the only true doctor working there compared to all those quacks. And you should proof that by holding rebellious but heart warming speeches which’ll change the ideals of your co-workers in no time! Also, save a few peoples lives on the street with nothing more than a ballpoint pen and a glass shard and your job’s perfectly done. Oh, and don’t forget to always appear just in time and save the day when some other doctor messes up a surgery – it’ll make you look extra heroic!


Bad Guys

Genre: action, crime, thriller

Episodes: 11

Main actress: Kang Ye Won

Main actors: Kim Sang Joong, Park Hae Jin, Ma Dong Seok, Jo Dong Hyeok

Story: Within the Korean police department exists one detective who’s different from the others; one guy with the nickname “Crazy Dog” who’s so effective yet so dangerous that you hardly know if he’s on the good or bad side of life; one leader whom even the creepiest of creepy will end up following: Oh Goo Tak (Kim Sang Joong), a detective on suspension because of his excessive force and brutality while catching and questioning suspects. Besides these flaws though is the “Crazy Dog” a man whom the police can’t afford to lose – so he’s once again brought back on the road to get some criminals. A brutal and cold-blooded serial killer is drawing his circles around Seoul and has yet to be stopped. Oh Goo Taks task is it to form a special investigation team which’ll solve the mystery about these serial crimes and – HELL YEAH! – he definitely knows whom to get! Let’s take a look in three local prisons: Park Woong Chul (Ma Dong Seok) is a mafia vice-boss, bad ass gangster and overtook the whole underworld of Seoul in a matter of just 25 days! He may not be the biggest thinker but his fist is like that of a jackhammer and his loyalty always in the right place. Jung Tae Soo (Jo Dong Hyeok) on the other hand was a professional contract killer, skilled, heartless and literally invisible. No one knows how many people he actually killed before he suddenly turned himself in – because he’s never left any tracks on his crime scenes at all. He’s not only a great and detailed fighter but also smart and experienced with murders. Last but not least we have Lee Jung Moon (Park Hae Jin). This really handsome and extremely intelligent young guy with an IQ above 160 and a PhD in mathematics and philosophy is someone nobody wants to mess with: Famous as the youngest serial killer in South Korea ever is he not only a psychopath on paper but also kinda creepy in reality – even for his teammates. Supporting this team consisting out of slightly crazy people is tough police inspector Yoo Mi Young (Kang Ye Won) who’s someone which’ll never back down – not even in front of a murderer.

Trailer (I’m sorry it’s not subbed but I couldn’t find one… it pretty much explains itself though):

Own opinion: Out of 10 points? HUNDRED!!

Awesome! I didn’t know that it would be possible to produce a Korean late night drama with the quality of a Hollywood film – but it is! Each and every episode felt like I was in a movie theater watching something like… I don’t know… James Bond?! Thanks God the story line’s not like “James Bond” though. 😉

The plot is just WOW! It’s so packed with shocking news, revealing facts and breathtaking action that not even one second gives you the chance of getting bored. I’ve honestly never seen a Korean drama which was so well made and I’m just astonished as to the degree of perfection which “Bad Guys” accomplished! The acting’s mesmeric, the story line addictive and the art design absolutely bewitching!

I loved how they displayed the different pasts from our main characters one after another but always only a little bit at a time, not all at once. The viewer was left in the dark till the very end which made the whole story even more thrilling. The only thing that bothers me somehow is that they almost forgot about Lee Jung Moons traits as a super intelligent guy! At one point of the plot I even forgot that he has a PhD in mathematics and philosophy. I mean: This is so cool! The producers could’ve done more with this – but then it would’ve been definitely necessary to film more episodes and I don’t know if that was possible because I really do think that they’ve spent a lot of money on this project already. 😉 Besides that: ~ LOVE ~

I really don’t know what to say about this anymore. It’s simply awesome! I already LOVED the first episode but feared that the quality might go down with the time – but NO! It just got better and better! So please do yourself the favor and watch this drama! You’ll not regret it – promise!!

Rating: 10 points out of 10! YEAH!! 😀