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The Devil / Lucifer

Genre: melodrama, mystery, revenge, crime, thriller

Episodes: 20

Main actors: Joo Ji Hoon, Uhm Tae Woong

Main actress: Shin Min Ah

Story: Kang Oh Soo (Uhm Tae Woong) is a homicide detective full of passionate force and righteous ideals, fighting crimes wherever and however he can. One day he hits a dead end in a series of seemingly unrelated murders and, though full of doubts, seeks the help of a young woman named Seo Hae In (Shin Min Ah) who claims to possess psychometric abilities.  As they begin to unravel the relations between the murder victims, defense attorney Oh Seung Ha (Joo Ji Hoon) makes his entrance; a stoic and mysterious young man who, despite all prior judgments, turns out to be all politeness – though he suddenly appears just about everywhere with connections to just about everyone…

What started out as a relatively normal homicide investigation, however, soon turns its ugly head and leads the main characters down a gory path to their most well hidden and darkest secrets. What makes us human? What is good and what is evil – and who decides between the two? Where’s the difference between a black and a white lie when both mean that you speak the untruth? A resentment, well fed and nurtured for the last twelve years, begins to dig a whole, begins to throw the curtain of revenge over their hearts and opens the gates to hell…


Own opinion: A story à la “The Count of Monte Christo”. “The Devil” is no happy-go-lucky, let’s-chill-out-with-popcorn kind of drama, that’s for sure. Digging into the depth of human beings, their minds, emotions and reasoning behind their doings is this plot presenting its audience some irritatingly smart and provocative questions and dilemmas.

I came upon this drama by coincidence. No one has ever spoken to me about it nor have I ever seen it being mentioned in any kind of Korean drama blog. It seems to be one of the industries “underdogs” – which’s not only a shame but full on incomprehensible. “The Devil” took me on a ride that was both uncomfortable and thrilling – a mix of emotions I’m not really used to, that’s for sure. The whole story tricked me into falling for the devil without me realizing it – to then later on reveal it in such a way that it made me sickeningly aware of how damn deep I’m already standing in the shit that were once my morals and believes. And I loved it!

Uhm Tae Woong does an awesome job at displaying the personality of Kang Oh Soo; a character so twisted, conflicted and at the same time hypocritically ignorant that he ultimately falls pray to his own principles. Shin Min Ah is charming, as she’s always been, and I loved the character development she went through because it had a beautifully natural flow but also maintained the basis of who Seo Hae In was and always will be as a person. Joo Ji Hoon, however, was the one that truly took me by force. His Oh Seung Ha is such a distressingly weird composition of a complex human being, both lovely and questionable, that I found myself constantly drawn to him while simultaneously being afraid of what I might find if I come too close.

What I admired about the story is that it is not only provocative in its message and smart in its order of revelations but also presuming that the viewer isn’t a fool (A fact other dramas seemly depend on.). If you watch each episode with the right amount of awareness, you will find hints and clues to what is truly going on very early in the run-time of the show – a discovery the story depends on, actually, as it urges you to find out one truth as soon as possible so that you may dig out even darker secrets and lies beyond that first layer of (what might be) the core of the problem. I know that my description may sound a little bit cryptic and philosophical – it’s kind of hard to describe this drama without spoiling anything – but then again, it is cryptic and philosophical so I guess my phrasing fits the bill here. 😉

Rating: 10 / 10. (Just a reminder: The rating is purely subjective and under no circumstances a valuable measurement! I tend to like melodramas about revenges a lot so of course I’ll find something like “The Devil” very entertaining. You may hate it all you want, however. ^^)

PS: The Japanese version is called “Maou”. I didn’t find it as good as the Korean one though.