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Romantic things in dramas that’d be creepy in real life.


There are situations I wouldn’t want to experience at all costs – and having a stalker is one of them. I don’t know about you but a guy staring at my window the whole night, following me everywhere I go and checking out every person I meet with is definitely nothing to be happy and excited about. It would be creepy as hell and I’d not only feel extremely uncomfortable but also afraid and endangered the whole day and night long. Breaking into someones private zone is no laughing matter and can develop into something pretty risky as well. Let alone the fact that I could never relax – but knowing that there’s someone out there who saw things about me and discovered secretes I haven’t even told my closest friends yet is one of the most horrific happenings I can think of! Especially because I’m probably not even really close to that someone or know him/her at all. A stranger looking at me that way… brrr, alone the thought of it makes me shiver!

It’s strange, though, that those exact situations are displayed so differently in Asian dramas. Suddenly, stalking someone becomes romantic and heroic. A guy following a girl everywhere makes him look super cute and protective and underlines his manly nature towards her. When he checks out other guys she meets with it’s just adorable to watch his jealousy grow stronger and him staring at her window all night long becomes sooo romantic that I wish someone would do that for me. There’s one important and unavoidable condition though: You have to be super handsome! As long as you’re good looking it’s okay to stalk the girl of your dreams… #AsianDramaLogic.

Song Joong Ki Flowers

Oh well, if my stalker looks like THIS… you know, I’m not that hard to get. Feel free to watch over me whenever and wherever you want, darling. ❤ ❤ ❤


Honestly, what is it about Asian dramas and their whole wrist-grabbing business? I don’t really get it. Is it meant to be romantic? Or manly? Or exciting? I don’t know but it sure as hell is something positive every time I see it happening. As to the reason I’m not sure myself but I guess it does show some deeper emotions when the hero can’t let go of his girl and tries to stop her. Just like he’s not able to keep all that love to himself any longer… which’s romantic as hell if you interpret it like that.

But let’s be honest here: Would you want that to happen to you in real life? Well, I definitely know that I wouldn’t be too happy about it. Just imagine that you fought with a guy, screamed out all your frustration and feel tears of anger going up your throat. All you wish for now is to be somewhere far away from that person so that you can cool down, vent your anger and cry without being looked at. You turn around, already on the verge of running away, when he suddenly reacts and GRABS your WRIST?! Uh, bro? NOT COOL! Let me GO! The hell?!

Or another situation: You stand between two guys who’re fighting over you. Romantic, you say? Well, yeah, as long as they’re both as hot as Korean actors maybe. Ignoring that fact though: Somehow, they started talking about you like you’re some object they can possess and seem to have forgotten that you’re right there, hearing every word they say. Then one of them grabs your wrist and pulls you over to his side. His rival on the other side does the same and somehow you ended up being a living rope, having your arms forcefully strained. Nice situation? Well… I can imagine that it hurts… and that it is kinda embarrassing for all three parties in the end. So: No, thank you.

PS: Google “kdrama wrist grab” and go for pictures. It’s hilarious how many there actually are! XDD


You know, guys? You don’t really have to fight over me… I can handle both of you. Deal? ;P

Surprise Sleep Over

Getting drunk’s one normal situation in a lot of kdramas, be it man or woman. Being carried home by the one you love seems pretty common, too. They somehow know where you live, search for and find your keys and bring you to bed. All nice and well… but how come more than half of those so called “saviors” decide to stay over at the other persons place without being invited to? I understand that you’re worried and all but someone who’s old enough to drink should be more than capable to take care of themselves. I know that drunk people usually don’t seem very trustworthy in that aspect but that doesn’t give you the right to make a random sleep over at their house.

What could these “saviors” be afraid of anyway? That the drunkard suddenly awakes from the sleep of the dead and cries out for help? What for? To hold their hair when they have to throw up? First-world problems right there, guys.

But some of them are the real deal! They even prepare breakfast for the hangover-candidate. Breakfast! I mean: What the-?! Who told them that it would be okay to use someone else’s kitchen and food? Or even better: They go grocery shopping and come back like they own the place. Excuse me? The most you should do after staying over at someone’s house without having asked is to prepare a glass of water and an aspirin and praying that you won’t get reported!


No! Even if they guy piggy-backed me home and looks like this: Just no! Would creep the hell out of me the next morning…


What’s with that one anyway? It’s not only Asian dramas but the whole movie industry which’s obsessed with the wall-pressing. Am I not romantic enough or just plain stupid? Those situations never had a good effect on my while watching them. Not once have I felt excited or happy about them, let alone emotionally touched. Frustration maybe, but that’s as far as it got.

Okay, let’s recreate a possible happening: A random guy is confessing his innermost feelings to you. He looks fair enough for you to consider his offer but at the moment you’re just taken aback and too surprised to think straight. You need time. You don’t mean to dump him but you’re simply too overwhelmed to give a thought-through reply now. So you stutter some excuses and turn around to walk your way. All you wanna do is set your head straight. But you can’t even take one step. Before you know what happens you find your back pressed on the wall, the guy who confessed to you right in front of you and cornering every escape route. You feel captured and defenseless. You don’t know what he’s gonna do nor do you know if you’ll like it or not. You don’t even really know if you like HIM yet! All you feel right now is cold fear and hot adrenaline flowing through your veins – in case you’ve to run away. Hey, you don’t even really know that guy, right? Who knows what he might do to you?

I mean: Yeah, most of the times all those guys do is kissing the girl but still! I’d be afraid as hell! O.o


She doesn’t really look as excited as one would expect from a heroine in a kdrama, does she? Not really a comfortable situation there…

Licking Wounds

… I don’t even want to talk about this one. It’s just both too cheesy and too weird. Who still does that nowadays besides Asian drama characters?  Urgh, so awkward. Most of the times it’s just a small cut on one finger anyway so why even bother? Put some clean water on it or just leave it be. One small cut won’t kill you, you know? The human body can endure much more. And it’s not like it’s going to help to put someone else’s spit on the wound either. Your own, yes, that could do the trick but the spit of other people contains so much foreign bacteria that it would only make it worse (if it would do anything at all).


I know this looks romantic… but just imagine yourself in this situation! >.< Urgh, never ever! I’d be flustered as hell! XDD