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The Second-Somewhat-Syndrome

The second- what now?

I bet – no, I’m 100% sure – that everyone out there who likes to watch some movies or series from time to time has had encountered this phenomenon at least once in his life! It doesn’t matter if in Korean, Japanese or american film productions – even books, games or comics will do: The Second-[please fill in a word of your choice]-Syndrome is definitely omnipresent in everything based on a story line.

The Second-WHAT-Syndrome?: Even though I know that we all felt this before I’m still going to explain shortly what it means just in case some of you have never heard this term before: The Second-[lead,guy, girl,couple]-Syndrome describes the situation in which the consumer of movies, games, books or comics feels more attracted and emotionally bound to the sidekick of a hero than to the actual hero itself. We find ourselves thrilled by their life rather than the main lead ones and wish for more screen time for this special character – even if it means that the “hero” has to back down.

Even though I think we all know this feeling is it also a question of the viewers character and how he pictures all the peoples emotions in his head if he’s in danger to encounter the Second-Somewhat-Syndrome or not. A person who’s cool about watching horror movies and remains smiling while others start crying’s probably less at risk because this person focuses on the main story and doesn’t concern itself with unimportant sidekicks who don’t affect the story anyway. While people like me who drown themselves in every characters life, sorrow and misery are more endangered because we actually feel real compassion and sympathy.

Just in case you misunderstood: I don’t want to label anyone! Of course there are a ton of other consumers out there which build every shade from white to black possible and can’t find themselves in either the cool or emotional type of viewer. But I’m not making statistics here. I merely wanted to explain my thoughts. ^^