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No. 2: Be cautious of water glasses.

You’ve dated that unbelievably rich and handsome dude for quite a while now. It’s time to meet his family and maybe even his ex-girlfriend who wants to get back together with him. Why you should bother talking to her? Oh, because you can’t help it: If you refuse to meet her she’s simply going to stalk you and get you at your work place or in front of your school etc.

So there you are: Sitting in a cafe or restaurant and waiting for his mother/ sister/ ex-girlfriend to show up. Since you’re a great expert at this you can possibly imagine what’s going to happen: The mother wants you to break up with her son and offers you a large amount of bribery money. The sister wants you to stop dating her brother, too, and threatens you with some random pictures her underling took of you while being in a situation that could be easily misinterpreted. And the ex-girlfriend knows of your families misery and offers you help in whatever form you need it. Or she unwraps the old I’m-better-suited-for-him trick.

Since you know about these possibilities there’s this one thing you should be cautious of: Water. Either one or all three women are going to throw some liquid at your face. Definitly. So be sure it’s really only water. Don’t order wine or juice. Or iced coffee. Maybe you should also take some precautions? For example having a towel in your handbag. Not wearing anything white that’s going to be a see-through when wet. Or just take an extra shirt with you to begin with. Oh, and waterproof make-up. Important!

When you’ve done all that the water can come. Because you can’t avoid it no matter what – and you shouldn’t avoid it either! Getting water splashed in your face’s one of the biggest traditions in kdrama-history and should be respected and honored! I’m still not too sure whether it’s a Korean culture thing – because I’ve hardly seen the water splash in any other international show – or just a weird way of trying to make a scene look more dramatic. Or both. I dunno. … It’s probably both though. 😉