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No. 4: Pay attention to the “Truck of Doom”!

The Asian drama world is one dangerous place, that’s for sure! Of course you’ll find love, eternal happiness and, if you play your cards right, a husband who’s rich beyond imagination. But the way to that very happy ending is long and difficult.

Even if the story’s pretty much normal and down to earth there’s but this one thing which no genre can avoid: The “Truck of Doom” (or “Car of Doom”, whichever you prefer).

What the hell the “Truck of Doom” is? Well, even though I’m pretty sure more than half of you already know what I’m talking about I’ll give you an explanation.

Case A:

The story has almost come to an end and the biggest problems the main couple had to face were finally solved: The bitchy mother-in-law accepted the love interest of her oh-so-perfect son, the clingy second-male-protagonist gave up on the girl and wishes her nothing but happiness and the two major people in question got to confess their undying love to each other. Everything seems perfect and pretty much happy-ending-like.

But behold! What’s this? There are still two more episodes left? Two more hours of drama even though it seems like there’s nothing left to “drama” about? Oh, then you should prepare yourself! It’s time for the unexpected! The unnecessary! The absolutely superfluous! TRUCK OF DOOM!!!

They come out of nowhere! Suddenly. There you are, crossing a random street in your city to go to that coffee shop on the other side and BOOM! Next thing you remember – or don’t remember? #KdramaAmnesia – is the hospital you wake up in. What to do now? I’ll tell you: Find the driver – by yourself and with the help of your friends of course because, apparently, the police in South Korea does a piss-poor job at police-stuff. For some reason, drama protagonists never trust their nearby police station to solve basically any kind of crime. Except for when they’re police officers or agents themselves, naturally. 😉

Case B:

Now we’ve all watched at least one medical drama, right? Okay, here we go: You’re a surgeon at a big and famous university hospital in the middle of Seoul, preferentially in the thoracic or brain-neuro-thingy department because duh, of course you need your patients on the verge of death when you operate on them! Thrill, suspense and hectic are things every surgeon needs in his/her operating theater! The applause afterwards will be all the more frantic. And, well, damaged arms or legs just don’t seem that life-threatening, right? *attention, sarcasm detected* 😉

Now, you’ve fallen in love with some dude there. Maybe with some cold arrogant prick who thinks he’s the best doctor who’s ever been alive (oh, how I love those types – not!) or a nice but a little bit clumsy intern like yourself or maybe even the head surgeon? It doesn’t really matter though, because what matters is the fact that he has to save your life – or the other way around! No good medical drama will go by without one of the two lovers having to see the other one die and then come back to life. So roll up your sleeves, tie the sneakers and unpack your equipment because you’ll need it all: ballpoint pen, CPR, heart defibrillator, incubation tubes, adrenaline, epinephrine, a machine to help him breathe, scalpel, a lot of blood bags, saline drip… Well, you get the idea.

Yeah, and such thrilling circumstances won’t come your way if not for the poor truck drivers in South Korean dramas. (Honestly, I wonder how and where at least half of them got their licence.) So be sure to cross some streets now and then. You never know when you might be fortunate enough to get hit and then saved. Makes every relationship so much deeper – since, you know, talking and going on dates is apparently not binding enough.

Case C:

Now there you are… in a dilemma situation. You can’t save the love of your life and your only family member left at your side. You’ve to decide who’ll live and who’ll… you know… meet God or Buddha or Allah or whomever. The most obvious problem is that such decisions are impossible to make because you’d have to live with the consciousnesses of having indirectly killed someone.

But don’t fret, my friend, help is on the way – the drama’ll make that decision for you a.k.a. a drunk or sleepy truck driver. I can tell you that in 99% of the cases your lover’s the one who’s going to live anyway – to ensure eternal happiness and all – but hey, feel free to be surprised when you get a call that your mum/ dad/ sister/ brother just went into emergency operation. Might make the impact that they died on the table even greater if that’s your thing. 😛

Learned lesson: The “Truck of Doom” is the second most common cause of death in kdramas (after cancer) and the first most common cause of amnesia. Now isn’t that a reliable and lovely constant? 😉 😀



Must-Do’s in a Kdrama

Who hasn’t dreamed about being part in a korean drama just yet? Sometimes we wish we could be the main female protagonist in a nice Rom-Com-Story and choose between a sweet caring friend-like guy or his dark equivalent with bad boy charms who’re both loving us with everything they have and are willing to sacrafice their life for our happiness. Or how about diving into a mysterious melodrama with dark secrets behind every corner and a big revenge plan about punishing the people who did you wrong? If not, we could also take a look into the local police station and go catch some killers who might be tough but surely not as tough and beast like as you! By the way and since we’re talking about beast like: Maybe you’re just the person we need in the Joseon-Era, determined and righteous, head strong and sportive, to be the great king/queen of the new era? And if that’s not to your liking than we might as well try to save everyones life by being the most talented and skilled surgeon in the biggest hospital South Korea has to offer.

Yeah, korean dramas are great for people who love to dream and imagine another life for themselves… well, at least sometimes. 😉

But if you think about how your life would look like in the korean drama world you should definitly follow some rules! There are things you just can’t miss out because they’re a part of this industry since it exists and are as basic as eating when you’re hungry.