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Flower Boys

People who’re into Korean music and dramas definitely heard this term before. Everyone in South Korea admires these guys, every girl wants a boyfriend like them and every boy wants to look alike: Flower Boys! But for someone who’s new to the world of S-Lines, Aegyos and Cross dressing things like these might be a bit confusing. Wasn’t it the same for all of us? So today I’m going to explain the term “Flower Boy” and what it takes to be considered as such.

First let’s take the word “boy”. Since it’s not “Flower Man” there’s definitly a limit as to how old you can get to be called a “Flower Boy”. The oldest you can possibly be is 29 or 30. Everyone above that age is a full grown man no matter how young you may look. The youngest flower boys can be found in Idol Groups such as EXO, SHINee or TeenTop – when they had their debut – and are around 13 or 14 years old. Everything below that age is still a child. “Flower Boys” have inter alia the task to impress women and be desirable and wouldn’t it be kind of creepy to desire a kid who’s still 10 or 11 years young? Though 14 isn’t really any better but I never was into boys who’re younger than me anyway. 😉 So the most common age for Flower Boys is between 16 and 28.

Second the term “flower”. Normally when asked which sex you would pick when given the word “flower” most people would say women. And that’s the point: Flower Boys have feminine features. For men in my country it’d be a big insult to say something like “You’re so beautiful that you almost look like a girl!” In Asia, especially South Korea, saying a thing like that is actually meant to be a compliment. Not every guy likes it, naturally, but they’re not offended by it per se. So, what does a Flower Boy need to call himself by that term? One must have soft, milky and flawless skin; big watery eyes or at least a killer eye-smile; smooth red lips; a great body and last but not least tender face features. Tender within the meaning of delicate – like a wax mask.

As a “Flower Boy” – like the term explains – flowers are symbolically flying around you. The air feels fresh when you enter a room and your image’s like that of an angel – white wings would definitly suit you. Your eyes shine brighter than the sun and you look admirable whatever you do. That’s how “Flower Boys” are sold in the korean society.

Here a few examples:


No matter how you look at it: These boys are the very incarnation of the word “handsome”!! ❤