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Drama Kisses

They can be really disturbing, make you angry and frustrated. Sometimes, they happen to be totally awkward and weird. And another time they’re absolutely to die for. Most of us wait for them dearly in every drama we happen to watch – the kisses.

But kiss is not kiss. There’s a large range of different kissing styles in many different dramas. I’m going to talk about the most famous ones here.

Awkward Kiss: She stands there like a frozen statue of herself without any movement visible and her eyes opened as big as a plate. He barely touches her lips and seems like he forces himself to go that far. I always wonder if they even feel anything or if both of them just like the “idea” of kissing each other. Seriously, I really hate those wanna-be kisses! No passion whatsoever. Okay, these two aren’t exactly guy and woman (they’re both girls) but it’s the perfect example for the wall-kiss:

Awkward Kiss

Accidental Kiss: Aigoo~ those “unfortunate” coincidences when the female lead happens to fall directly on the male leads lips (or they run into each other if that’s what you prefer)! Let’s ignore the fact that this is almost impossible: To actually fall on someone with your whole weight – no matter how skinny you may be – does HURT! There are bones colliding – it should bleed like HELL! Maybe even crash a few of your teeth. Lips exploding with red human juice! But well, they kissed each other accidentally – that’s the bigger problem here. Of course, stupid me! -.-

Forced Kiss: Many female leads aren’t able to protect themselves properly because they got the strength of a peace of paper flying in the wind – as a result they get kissed by force against their will. And of course they never go to the police afterwards since the guy’s pretty handsome and besides the fact that he just sexually assaulted her for which he could go into prison, he is actually a pretty nice character. … Yeah… Seriously, if I really don’t want to kiss that guy I’d just kick him between the legs. Done!

Best example I could think of: Me too, Flower! (What kinda title for a drama is that anyway?!):

Now… that’s definitely sexual assault is what it is! I’d say call for the police but well… she IS the police… so I guess she should be able to defend herself against some horny hoodlum.

Eating Kiss: Sometimes – mostly in taiwanese/chinese dramas – the main leads happen to really kiss each other. But even if you get excited at first: After a few moments you realize that something’s a little bit bothering you. Did this romantic drama just turn into a horror movie? Are they kissing each other or trying to eat their partner? You don’t know – and you don’t really want to know…

I’m sorry. I’ve quite some kissing scenes in mind but I can’t remember which drama it was… forgive me! ^^”

Real Kiss: Thankfully some drama directors take a pity on their viewers and give us the joy of a pretty well acted kiss scene. Most of them happen to be at the end of the drama and display the passion and love the main couple fought for in around sixteen episodes. I’m always relieved when I finally see them. =)

All in all and even though some kissing styles might not be to our taste they do make the dramas more interesting and unique. And let’s be honest: Without those awkward moments it wouldn’t be as funny as it is, right?! ^^