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2016/2017-Dramas: There’s a new trend I highly approve of!

So here’s the number one rule I learned from Korean dramas in my early days: Men have to be jerks to get the main girl to like them. Being nice and lovable is not appreciated, not at all! The main part of those dramas is the fact that the guy slowly changes for and because of his love for the girl. Now, isn’t that kind of… giving everyone the wrong message? I mean, I don’t know about you but I want my partner to be nice to me – on a general basis, not like “Well, heΒ can be nice, too.” On the other hand I would be disgusted at myself for wanting to change another person just so that that person fits in my ideal of a good relationship. That’s the thing that always disturbed me within those dramas: First of all, if he’s mean to you – don’t waste your time on him! Secondly, if, against everything that’s sane, you do want to date him for whatever reason then don’t change him into someone who fits your bill! He’s an asshole? Fine, let him be an asshole. You want to date him? Fine, date him – but then date him as the asshole he is! You’re a grown up person! No one’s forcing you to go out with someone you don’t want to go out with. Let him be who he is. A person is not your personal “Beauty and the Beast”-project!

This is one of the reasons why I used to suffer so hard from the second-lead syndrome. TT_TT

Lately though, I find myself not caring about the second leads except for the fact that they’re cute guys. The last few main male characters I’ve been introduced to have been, without exception, a pleasure and joy to watch! They’re caring, honest, funny, adorable, protective, brave and cowardly in all the right places. They’re good people from head to toe, each one with his little quirks and lovely “aegyos”. ❀


It’s been such a great ride with all those endearing characters that I find myself constantly in a good mood just by thinking about them. ^^ But of course I’m not letting this post go without a few examples to rise your interest. I’ve to warn you though: You might pass out from all the cuteness! Or loose your voice because you’re reduced to a squealing mess of love goo on the floor. xDD

Oh, and I think that’s a given but – SPOILERS ahead, guys! Obviously, duh. πŸ˜‰

My Shy Boss/Introverted Boss: As the title gives away, the main male character is extremely shy – to the point of social fear. As he’s not able to speak normally in front of people, however, he’s often misunderstood even though he’s just way too considerate and overthinks his every move. It’s adorable, to say the least! ^^

Talking about bad timing…

Being shy sucks, at times like these especially… (not that I know – I’m open to a fault. xD)

Okay, this one I get! >.<

But then again, our shy guy can be like this (relationship goals!)…

Are you grinning yet? πŸ˜€ Well well well, it’s getting cuter, guys:

Hwarang: A story made by the people who wrote “Boys Before Flowers” so… yeah, another flower boy merchandise! *hooray* This drama basically knocked me out out of my socks because it was so funny and cute! xD The main characters are not only eye-candies but basically like confused yet happy little lambs running around and searching for friends. πŸ˜€

Okay, so this clip doesn’t really spark a positive light on our hero (played by Park Seo Joon) but the hilarity makes his behavior perfectly endearing (and I love that they make fun of those cliche scenes). ❀

Because one can never have enough funny dances in a drama with so many handsome guys! Seriously, can someone who practices his moves in a communal bathroom be a bad guy? Hardly, right?!

BROMANCE!!! ❀ (Haah, I could watch this all day. -^^- )

Okay, so if I couldn’t get you on board yet then THIS will definitely do it – otherwise consider yourself to be an alien because no human drama lover has a chance against Park Hyung Siks “aigyoo”!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: This whole drama was basically a big bag full of adorableness by the main couple! The main female lead’s a bad-ass and I love her for it! The main male character’s the epitome of cute and I fell in love with his honesty to himself and other people! No tough guy exterior, no foul mouth (except for when he teases her lovingly), no lies, no I-need-to-stay-away-to-protect-you nonsense – just him being who he is, uncompromisingly. And he is TO DIE FOR!!! *kyaaaah*

Honestly, I love the fact that he just goes along with that misunderstanding. xD So what if they think he’s gay? No big deal, at least not for our nonchalant CEO. πŸ˜€

Best-drunks-EVAAAA!!! >.< xDDD This is so hilarious and full of fan service that it easily reached the level of being epic!

His reaction’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed! ❀ I don’t know how often I’ve watched this already but I’m still grinning like an idiot each time. xD

D’awww, and he’s such an easy boyfriend! πŸ˜‰ This is the best scene ever, really! (I’m saying that a lot regarding this drama, aren’t I? Dammit, but everything about them’s just to die for and the best ever – all the friggin’ time! xDD) He literally melts at her feet! xDD

Haaah~ I really hope they’ll keep that trend running because it’s not only joyful to see but also easy on the heart and definitely more realistic than those jerk-gets-nice-girl-whereas-nice-guy-gets-nothing plots.