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“Let’s talk about…” is about my thoughts and opinions on specific things in the drama- and music industry. For example the typical rich-guy-poor-girl plot in Korean dramas; or some really interesting English lyrics in Asian songs; or the way Korean and Japanese people handle alcohol. Well, all in all just everything that comes to my mind. =)

2016/2017-Dramas: There’s a new trend I highly approve of!

So here’s the number one rule I learned from Korean dramas in my early days: Men have to be jerks to get the main girl to like them. Being nice and lovable is not appreciated, not at all! The main part of those dramas is the fact that the guy slowly changes for and because of his love for the girl. Now, isn’t that kind of… giving everyone the wrong message? I mean, I don’t know about you but I want my partner to be nice to me – on a general basis, not like “Well, he can be nice, too.” On the other hand I would be disgusted at myself for wanting to change another person just so that that person fits in my ideal of a good relationship. That’s the thing that always disturbed me within those dramas: First of all, if he’s mean to you – don’t waste your time on him! Secondly, if, against everything that’s sane, you do want to date him for whatever reason then don’t change him into someone who fits your bill! He’s an asshole? Fine, let him be an asshole. You want to date him? Fine, date him – but then date him as the asshole he is! You’re a grown up person! No one’s forcing you to go out with someone you don’t want to go out with. Let him be who he is. A person is not your personal “Beauty and the Beast”-project!

This is one of the reasons why I used to suffer so hard from the second-lead syndrome. TT_TT

Lately though, I find myself not caring about the second leads except for the fact that they’re cute guys. The last few main male characters I’ve been introduced to have been, without exception, a pleasure and joy to watch! They’re caring, honest, funny, adorable, protective, brave and cowardly in all the right places. They’re good people from head to toe, each one with his little quirks and lovely “aegyos”. ❤


It’s been such a great ride with all those endearing characters that I find myself constantly in a good mood just by thinking about them. ^^ But of course I’m not letting this post go without a few examples to rise your interest. I’ve to warn you though: You might pass out from all the cuteness! Or loose your voice because you’re reduced to a squealing mess of love goo on the floor. xDD

Oh, and I think that’s a given but – SPOILERS ahead, guys! Obviously, duh. 😉

My Shy Boss/Introverted Boss: As the title gives away, the main male character is extremely shy – to the point of social fear. As he’s not able to speak normally in front of people, however, he’s often misunderstood even though he’s just way too considerate and overthinks his every move. It’s adorable, to say the least! ^^

Talking about bad timing…

Being shy sucks, at times like these especially… (not that I know – I’m open to a fault. xD)

Okay, this one I get! >.<

But then again, our shy guy can be like this (relationship goals!)…

Are you grinning yet? 😀 Well well well, it’s getting cuter, guys:

Hwarang: A story made by the people who wrote “Boys Before Flowers” so… yeah, another flower boy merchandise! *hooray* This drama basically knocked me out out of my socks because it was so funny and cute! xD The main characters are not only eye-candies but basically like confused yet happy little lambs running around and searching for friends. 😀

Okay, so this clip doesn’t really spark a positive light on our hero (played by Park Seo Joon) but the hilarity makes his behavior perfectly endearing (and I love that they make fun of those cliche scenes). ❤

Because one can never have enough funny dances in a drama with so many handsome guys! Seriously, can someone who practices his moves in a communal bathroom be a bad guy? Hardly, right?!

BROMANCE!!! ❤ (Haah, I could watch this all day. -^^- )

Okay, so if I couldn’t get you on board yet then THIS will definitely do it – otherwise consider yourself to be an alien because no human drama lover has a chance against Park Hyung Siks “aigyoo”!

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon: This whole drama was basically a big bag full of adorableness by the main couple! The main female lead’s a bad-ass and I love her for it! The main male character’s the epitome of cute and I fell in love with his honesty to himself and other people! No tough guy exterior, no foul mouth (except for when he teases her lovingly), no lies, no I-need-to-stay-away-to-protect-you nonsense – just him being who he is, uncompromisingly. And he is TO DIE FOR!!! *kyaaaah*

Honestly, I love the fact that he just goes along with that misunderstanding. xD So what if they think he’s gay? No big deal, at least not for our nonchalant CEO. 😀

Best-drunks-EVAAAA!!! >.< xDDD This is so hilarious and full of fan service that it easily reached the level of being epic!

His reaction’s one of the cutest things I’ve ever witnessed! ❤ I don’t know how often I’ve watched this already but I’m still grinning like an idiot each time. xD

D’awww, and he’s such an easy boyfriend! 😉 This is the best scene ever, really! (I’m saying that a lot regarding this drama, aren’t I? Dammit, but everything about them’s just to die for and the best ever – all the friggin’ time! xDD) He literally melts at her feet! xDD

Haaah~ I really hope they’ll keep that trend running because it’s not only joyful to see but also easy on the heart and definitely more realistic than those jerk-gets-nice-girl-whereas-nice-guy-gets-nothing plots.


Unreasonably High Expectations

I hate this. -.- This side effect when watching Asian dramas all the time. Like some… odd reflex when seeing a guy – a reflex you can’t control anymore because it already grew together with the synapses of your brain.

Park Hae Jin

Perfection in human kind is impossible? You might want to overthink that again…

Guys. Boys. Men. Call them what you want: They’re still not the real problem here! Yeah, I know that women tend to say their biggest problems always involve the other gender BUT kdrama-lovers are a special species. Neither female nor male fans are to be reviewed as normal human beings. We’re different. We think different. Our brains work different. 😉

Unreasonably high expectations. It’s something that builds up so slowly and silently that we don’t even notice it until it’s too late. Like I said: It’s not the guys. It’s us. TT__TT

When watching Asian dramas/ movies/ shows and listening to that kind of music one is confronted with out-of-this-world perfection everyday. Idols who can sing, dance, play instruments, act, are funny, polite, talented, humble and true gentlemen. Women who don’t seem to grow older, are so cute that even I start to get a red face and have bodies other girls would kill for. Actors who are as hot as the sun, super hard working and always donating money for some kind of good purpose. I could go on for hours but I think you caught what I wanted to say.


Ji Chang Wook

I wonder though… do they always look like that? I mean: Bad-hair days do exist everywhere, right?! ;D

It’s cool to watch all those great people and fan-girl over them but at the same time it’s a little burdensome to realize how very “none-special” oneself is. How normal and… well, compared to those idols and actors, untalented. But that’s okay as long as I can go back to that perfect drama world and at least imagine myself to be one of them. 😉

The true demon lies in the subconsciousness…

We don’t realize it at first but those said expectations start to build up as soon as one is addicted to the Asian drama world. I have the presumption that it’s beginning after getting the first second-lead-syndrome: The liking of perfection. Or perfect imperfection (which’s still perfection, by the way). We see guys who love clumsy, boyish, country pumpkin like girls as if they’re some breathtakingly beautiful princesses from another star.

Yoo Seung Ho

And the age range! O_o From 18 to 55, you’ve every kind of perfection you wish for!

Gentle guys who treat their beloved ones like they’re made of glass. Who’re always there for them no matter where and at which hour. Men who would not simply buy a birthday present but listen to their dreams and make one based on what they wish for. Boys who are protecting their women against everyone even though they’re pretty weak themselves. Who don’t mind getting hurt as long as the one they love is happy. Who will always be there, in the shadows, watching over them in a cute and not-at-all-creepy-stalker-like way. xDD

Funny guys who’ll take their girlfriends to places they’ve never been before and would probably have never gone to if not for their man. Places where one can experience once-in-a-lifetime situations and be happy and excited and thrilled. Guys who’ll make their women laugh and happy in every moment they get the chance to. Who are best friends you can talk to about your problems and lovers you just want to have in bed right the fu*k now all the time! Who’re so cute that you want to cuddle them the whole day long but who’re also so sexy that you can’t help but drool over them. ❤

Cool guys who not only protect their women in every situation and appear like a hero out of the blue but also save other peoples lives. Who are crazily smart and handsome and still clumsy and lovely in front of the one they love. Men who don’t look it but are so romantic that your hair will stand up! Who’d bring their girlfriend the stars from heaven if asked to. Who’ll fight for their love and never give up on it as long as they live. Men with pride and high values who’re willing to give up on everything just for this one person in their heart.

Lee Jong Suk

And the skin, man! Q_Q It’s to cry for!

… Honestly, how can a normal girl remain her normal expectations when it comes to dating after all this unhealthy influence? TT__TT

But it’s not only the perfection of the person. As if comparing every possible dating possibility to those unreal kdrama-guys wouldn’t be enough already. -.-

It’s also the perfection of the moment. The first meeting. The first time you hold hands. The first kiss.

Real life is no movie. Kdrama-addicts know that but… we still wish for those super cringe-worthy moments where we meet our fated ones in such a memorable sweet way that we undoubtedly know he’s the one. Or where we get kissed “against our will” (yeah, is if), pressed on a wall, in the middle of being rained on, passionately and manly. Or gently, under a sea of cherry blossoms, with people staring at you but not caring, while holding hands and after he put a super cute self-made necklace around your neck. Or after getting in trouble and running away together, unknowingly holding hands and laughing your heart out, feeling that strange yet warm connection to each other and linking your eyes with such chemistry that one can almost see the sparks…

Song Joong Ki

It’s so unfair! I mean: look at him! He’s not even doing anything except… lying around, eyeing the camera! -.- Handsomeness, man – not cool (except for when it is – like in this case. xDD )

Etc. That could go on for days. The thing is that some people really did experience some of those or other dream-like situations with the love of their life that it makes you wonder: Is it actually possible? Can I have a love life like those drama-characters? Can I get a man like that? Can I be like one of those girls?

Well, in my case: Nope. I’m not the least bit like Korean women so – obviously – I won’t get a man like that. But hey, maybe- … there, you see?  -.- I started dreaming again! In the middle of the day! Hoping for something that was written and filmed by someone. -.- Urgh, it’s hopeless. How am I ever going to find a boyfriend when my mind won’t give way to anyone worse than a Ji Chang Wook, Song Joong Ki, Lee Jong Suk or Ok Taecyeon in the middle of a cherry blossom sea with a couple ring in his hand? Duh…

Lee Jong Suk &amp; Kim Woo Bin

If you may excuse me now? I’m going to die a little…

Aaah, and just when you think it can’t get any creepier (Because yes, their handsomeness sometimes creeps me the fu** out!) THIS shows up! Just kill me with your beauty, why don’t you? -.-

Park Hyung Sik

Really? Are you serious?! Doesn’t there have to be a line of handsomeness you mustn’t cross? I mean: At this point it HAS to be dangerous for his environment, right?! Ah~ TT__TT


No. 4: Pay attention to the “Truck of Doom”!

The Asian drama world is one dangerous place, that’s for sure! Of course you’ll find love, eternal happiness and, if you play your cards right, a husband who’s rich beyond imagination. But the way to that very happy ending is long and difficult.

Even if the story’s pretty much normal and down to earth there’s but this one thing which no genre can avoid: The “Truck of Doom” (or “Car of Doom”, whichever you prefer).

What the hell the “Truck of Doom” is? Well, even though I’m pretty sure more than half of you already know what I’m talking about I’ll give you an explanation.

Case A:

The story has almost come to an end and the biggest problems the main couple had to face were finally solved: The bitchy mother-in-law accepted the love interest of her oh-so-perfect son, the clingy second-male-protagonist gave up on the girl and wishes her nothing but happiness and the two major people in question got to confess their undying love to each other. Everything seems perfect and pretty much happy-ending-like.

But behold! What’s this? There are still two more episodes left? Two more hours of drama even though it seems like there’s nothing left to “drama” about? Oh, then you should prepare yourself! It’s time for the unexpected! The unnecessary! The absolutely superfluous! TRUCK OF DOOM!!!

They come out of nowhere! Suddenly. There you are, crossing a random street in your city to go to that coffee shop on the other side and BOOM! Next thing you remember – or don’t remember? #KdramaAmnesia – is the hospital you wake up in. What to do now? I’ll tell you: Find the driver – by yourself and with the help of your friends of course because, apparently, the police in South Korea does a piss-poor job at police-stuff. For some reason, drama protagonists never trust their nearby police station to solve basically any kind of crime. Except for when they’re police officers or agents themselves, naturally. 😉

Case B:

Now we’ve all watched at least one medical drama, right? Okay, here we go: You’re a surgeon at a big and famous university hospital in the middle of Seoul, preferentially in the thoracic or brain-neuro-thingy department because duh, of course you need your patients on the verge of death when you operate on them! Thrill, suspense and hectic are things every surgeon needs in his/her operating theater! The applause afterwards will be all the more frantic. And, well, damaged arms or legs just don’t seem that life-threatening, right? *attention, sarcasm detected* 😉

Now, you’ve fallen in love with some dude there. Maybe with some cold arrogant prick who thinks he’s the best doctor who’s ever been alive (oh, how I love those types – not!) or a nice but a little bit clumsy intern like yourself or maybe even the head surgeon? It doesn’t really matter though, because what matters is the fact that he has to save your life – or the other way around! No good medical drama will go by without one of the two lovers having to see the other one die and then come back to life. So roll up your sleeves, tie the sneakers and unpack your equipment because you’ll need it all: ballpoint pen, CPR, heart defibrillator, incubation tubes, adrenaline, epinephrine, a machine to help him breathe, scalpel, a lot of blood bags, saline drip… Well, you get the idea.

Yeah, and such thrilling circumstances won’t come your way if not for the poor truck drivers in South Korean dramas. (Honestly, I wonder how and where at least half of them got their licence.) So be sure to cross some streets now and then. You never know when you might be fortunate enough to get hit and then saved. Makes every relationship so much deeper – since, you know, talking and going on dates is apparently not binding enough.

Case C:

Now there you are… in a dilemma situation. You can’t save the love of your life and your only family member left at your side. You’ve to decide who’ll live and who’ll… you know… meet God or Buddha or Allah or whomever. The most obvious problem is that such decisions are impossible to make because you’d have to live with the consciousnesses of having indirectly killed someone.

But don’t fret, my friend, help is on the way – the drama’ll make that decision for you a.k.a. a drunk or sleepy truck driver. I can tell you that in 99% of the cases your lover’s the one who’s going to live anyway – to ensure eternal happiness and all – but hey, feel free to be surprised when you get a call that your mum/ dad/ sister/ brother just went into emergency operation. Might make the impact that they died on the table even greater if that’s your thing. 😛

Learned lesson: The “Truck of Doom” is the second most common cause of death in kdramas (after cancer) and the first most common cause of amnesia. Now isn’t that a reliable and lovely constant? 😉 😀