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KPop: The Nostalgia-Edition

We write the year 2017 and – quite honestly – considering Korean pop music, I’m not on top of my game anymore. I used to know at least all important boy- and girl groups as well as their most iconic songs and members back in the day but Kpop is like sport: Let it slide for just a few months and you can literally start from point zero. -.- And, like sport, it’s hard to bring yourself to begin again.

Well, as for the problem with Korean music: I’d rather dwell in nostalgia and remember the fun times I had with all those ‘outdated’ songs and groups than try to bring myself to like new ones. First of all because – Hell no, I’m so not gonna try to learn all these new names! Look here, man, it’s all nice and well to know every single member of every single Korean pop group out there but I’m already kind of busy remembering all the names of at least a dozen Korean actors and actresses so… yeah, not gonna happen! And secondary – it’s not my generation anymore! It feels weird to “fangirl” over some guys six years my juniors, alright? I’d rather love my “old fashioned” Oppa’s, thank you very much.

So, for everyone having met the same fate – Because let’s face it: We’re getting older, pals. – here’s for you. Welcome to “Kpop: the Nostalgia-Edition”!


PS: You’ve no idea how much fun I had while researching all those songs! ❤ I basically threw my own one-man-Kpop-classics party, with Makgeolli and Soju and all. xDD

PPS: Please remember that I only listed MY very specific, very memory-heavy, very nostalgic songs here – they’re obviously not necessarily yours.