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Kill Me, Heal Me

Genre: romance, comedy

Episodes: 20

Main actresses: Hwang Jung Eum, Kim Yoo Ri

Main actors: Ji Sung, Park Seo Joon, Oh Min Seok

Story: Oh Ri Jin (Hwang Jung Eum) is a 1st year psychology resident at one of Seouls larger University hospitals. Full of energy, positive attitude and a loving supportive family behind her is she trying to live every day to its fullest. Her life’s pretty neat and well going – until she meets chaebol son Cha Do Hyun (Ji Sung) in a rather uncommon setup, that is. First convinced that he’s joking with her, than concluding that he’s weird is she later on discovering the heartbreaking truth behind that young man’s unconventional behavior: Cha Do Hyun suffers from a condition called multiple personality disorder which ripped his mind into seven personalities, each one with their own little quirks and preferences, who appear and disappear on a whim whenever he’s under a lot of stress. Through connections and different circumstances, Oh Ri Jin becomes Cha Do Hyun’s secret doctor and together they begin to unravel the truth behind Cha Do Hyun’s mental condition while simultaneously getting to know each other better and better…


Own opinion: I can honestly say that this is one of the most unusual Korean dramas I’ve ever watched. 😀

Ji Sung has been one of my favorite actors ever since “New Heart” and never disappointed me when it came to professionalism or acting skills ( – picking the wrong drama is a different story, though) and he surely didn’t do so in “Kill Me, Heal Me”. This drama was one of the most talked about in the year 2015 and for a good reason: Ji Sung had to portrait seven completely different characters within one story line, sometimes several of those characters in one episode, while still connecting them to one main personality at the same time. His approach to Cha Do Hyun’s suffering has impressed the South Korean acting industry deeply, not to mention all the viewers in Korea as well as overseas. Ji Sung managed to draw a clear line between each personality, making us fall in love with him seven times in a row, each time for a different character trade and reason.

“Kill Me, Heal Me” is a romantic comedy that will surely make you laugh out loud in one second and cry like a baby the next one. The dilemma of having to deal with seven different forms of the person you fell in love with is also beautifully played by Hwang Jung Eum, an actress whom I came to love more and more over the years. Her “Oh Ri Jin” is a main female lead I could easily get on board with, both funny and sensible in all the right places while maintaining the core of what makes her who she is throughout the story.

One of the most interesting experiences for the viewer during “Kill Me, Heal Me” has to be the unusual dilemma of what makes a person who he/she is, however. If you fall in love with a person who suffers from multiple personality disorder, which personality do you actually fall for? Are they bits and pieces of what makes the person whole or completely different characters who have nothing to do with each other? If so, than which of those personalities is “the real one”? How can you know? And what happens when one personality disappears – does it become a normal character trade or just vanish? Is it an actual problem when one personality becomes jealous of another? …

PS: Park Seo Joon portraits Oh Ri Jin’s brother ‘Oh Ri On’ who’s an author and extremely charming yet dorky fellow who (hilariously) becomes the love interest for one of Cha Do Hyun’s personalities. 😀

Rating: 10 / 10! I loved the unusual approach of the story line as well as Ji Sung’s formidable performance here. ❤ I fell in love with each and every of his seven displayed personalities and was thrilled by the rather deep background story we got. Awesome drama!

Nooow, enough talking and without further adieu I present to you: Cha Do Hyun’s personalities~