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Hello everyone!

First of all: Thanks for visiting my blog! I don’t know how you got here but since you’re already present, do take your time and look around. Just one little thing before take-off: English isn’t my mother tongue. I always try my best to write nicely and without major errors but mistakes happen and if you happen to find one – ignore it, it’s mine! 😉

So this blog, huh? What it’s about? Well, about the world I live in; about the passion that defines me; about the thing I could talk about all day, every day. The heading makes it pretty obvious: This blog is about Asian dramas, movies, music, actors and actresses, idols, the culture, food and any other thing that comes to mind.

I’ve loved Japan since I was but a little child; culture, language and people. I’ve loved how this country’s so completely different compared to mine and never fails to surprise me. My interest and later on love for other Asian countries such as Korea or China grew naturally as I drowned myself deeper and deeper in their culture. As life is though, interests change and what started as an admiration for everything Japanese slowly turned into an adoration for everything Korean. I can honestly say that I find both countries equally compelling considering their difference to mine. South Korea grew on me though, like I never thought it would and, as it stands, is my favorite country now. The language is easier to learn and, as far as personal opinions go in these matters, softer on the ears. I like Korean food mostly better than Japanese food (minus Sushi) and I do love their traditional clothing (Hanbok) – admitted, on the other hand, that probably nothing will ever look as good, divine and beautiful in my eyes as a traditional Japanese Kimono. ❤ Still, South Korea did its magic on me and I’m all too willing to remain bewitched… 😉

PS: Before the question arises – yes, I’ve been to both countries, Japan and South Korea, and no, I cannot say which one is “better”. They’re both equally beautiful and breathtaking. 🙂