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You’re Beautiful

Genre: romance, gender-bender, music, comedy

Episodes: 16

Main actress: Park Shin Hye

Main actors: Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki

Story: The famous idol group A.N.Jell is loved and adored by many fans. Unfortunately, main vocal Hwang Tae Kyeongs (Jang Geun Suk) voice is hurting so they decided to add a new member: Ko Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye). The problem is that Mi Nam is currently in the states to undergo plastic surgery on his eyes. He begs his twin sister Go Mi Nyeo (also played by Park Shin Hye) to take his place in the band as long as he’s in the hospital. Since she doesn’t want to ruin her brothers dream Mi Nyeo agrees and disguises herself as a guy to enter A.N.Jell. That her act brings many problems along isn’t surprising: First of all how is she going to live together with three guys without being discovered as a girl? Second the main vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Tae Kyeong turns out to be a total jerk and makes Mi Nyeos life as hard as possible. And third: The life of an Idol isn’t to be underestimated!

Just a few days after Mi Nyeo entered A.N.Jell discovers guitarist Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) her secret but due to his nice and soft nature keeps it to himself. Only that his discovery shows aftereffects: He starts to feel something for Mi Nyeo. Even Tae Kyeong eventually finds out that she’s a girl and he, too, begins to fall for her. Last but not least is bright and funny drummer Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) captured by Mi Nyeos cute image despite the fact that he thinks she’s a guy. Three love driven guys and a girl who’s still convinced her act isn’t discovered yet – how is that going to work out?


One of the most adorable scenes in the whole drama: A.N.Jell going grocery shopping… more or less. ;D

Own opinion: It was the first korean drama I’ve ever watched right after the japanese “Hana Kimi” and led me to the korean music industry. Looking back I totally liked it but thinking about it now feels different.

The story is cute but honestly: No matter how you look at it – Park Shin Hye doesn’t seem manly at all. I thought so back then and I think so now. Her face, her body, her voice – everything literally screams “girl”!

Aside from that is “You’re Beautiful” really nice. Yes, the character design is totally obvious – one jerk, one angel and one clown next to a shy and ridiculously innocent girl. Yes, the story takes it a step too far by making all three guys fall for her. Yes, that the-jerk-wins-while-the-nice-guys-end-up-having-nothing plot is annoying and unrealistic. BUT we can’t forget: It’s a korean drama. It isn’t supposed to be realistic. “You’re Beautiful” serves every imaginable cliché possible. And I know that many people like that.

As for me… it was nice back then because I didn’t know better. But since I’ve watched a dozen japanese and korean dramas now and saw some really really awesome ones I wouldn’t say it’s that great anymore. It’s a simple one – nothing for the brain but for the heart. Cute and emotional even though a little exaggerated.

Rating: 5 1/2 points out of 10. I’m honestly sorry for every fan out there but it’s my opinion and I really do think the plot and design of the whole drama is a little bit too simple for more.

PS: The japanese version is called “Ikemen desu ne” but due to the not-so-interesting plot and because I usually don’t like remakes is it still on my not-watched-yet list. 😉