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Gu Family Book

Genre: historical, fantasy, romance

Episodes: 24

Main actresses: Bae Suzy (maknae in girl group “MissA”), Lee Yoo Bi, Jung Hye Young

Main actors: Lee Seung Gi, Yoo Yeon Seok, Lee Sung Jae, Choi Jin Hyuk, Sung Joon

Story: Choi Kang Chi (Lee Seung Gi) is a young and spirited guy full of truth and happiness who tries to please everyone who’s dear to him. Even though he was a foundling coincidentally discovered while floating down a river in a basket is the man who found him like a real father to him and Kang Chi a good natured child. Unfortunately, struggles and agony are awaiting him on his future path as he finds out about who – or better: what – he truly is: A Gumiho. A so called Nine-taled-fox. Well, at least half-gumiho since his father was a divine creature but his mother a normal human being. As it may be, Kang Chi doesn’t want to accept this fate hence goes on his journey to find the “Gu Family Book” which contains a way to become a complete human. On his path the strong and skilled martial arts master Dam Yeo Wool (Bae Suzy) – whom he mistakes for a guy – and her (adorable ❤ ) bodyguard Gun (Sung Joon) join him to find what Kang Chi desperately searches for. And while he’s still trying to fight the “monster” in himself is he constantly making new trustful friends.


Own opinion: I’m going to be honest with you – I started watching this drama because of Choi Jin Hyuk. I really like him for being such a great, talented and emotional actor ( plus I totally adore his face 😉 ) and his performance in “Gu Family Book” has once more proven what he’s truly capable of – which’s making me cry rivers over and over again everytime he appears on screen! Let me tell you that this is something really difficult to do since I hardly cry over fictional people and their fictional problems in a fictional world. But sometimes… sometimes there’s something which pierces right through my heart and just won’t let go – no matter what. Something I can’t grab or explain. Something which makes me weak and teary without me knowing why or how. Something which makes me so emotional as if I would experience these situations myself. Choi Jin Hyuks character is such a thing.

Truth to be told the main story didn’t thrill me at all. Yes, Lee Seung Gi’s acting’s superb and his “Choi Kang Chi” really an adorable guy who truly deserves happiness. Suzys acting skills improved since “Dream High” even though I just can’t bring myself to like her – but I like her character here. Great woman! Strong, pretty and determind to trust Kang Chi no matter what – so cool! But the rest?

What made this drama watchable was its cuteness. Between all those heartbreaking tragic scenes is still enough to smile and be happy over. Especially Sung Joons character “Gun” made me laugh out loud almost every episode. So darn adorable! =D And even though the main people slowly changed their personalities from naive and clueless to strong and clever some things remained the same – which made the whole drama so much more enjoyable.

Just a warning: Be sure to prepare enough tissues for the 2nd, 21st and 22nd episode. I’ve read some comments below those videos and trust me: I was not the only one swimming in an ocean of tears! The story of Kang Chi’s parents is so much more emotional and heartbreaking than the actual one that it would’ve been drama enough for me to just watch their scenes. Choi Jin Hyuks character’s the complete embodiment of the word “pitiable”! I was crying without being able to stop and I totally didn’t care. So great!

Rating: 8 1/2 points out of 10. Even though I was more drawn to the side story of Kang Chi’s parents than to Kang Chi himself do I know that this drama is truly a great one! It’s thrilling, emotional, dramatic, funny, romantic, sad and everything else you could wish for in the historical genre. The action scenes are okay and the costumes really nice even though Suzys attire remained too clean during the whole story if you ask me. What made this drama something outstanding was the background music – which contributed a large part to my crying-sessions – and the acting skills of everyone involved.

But one last thing which really bothered me was the ending: WHAT THE HELL?! -.- Seriously??? Ouh, that’s so cheesy!

PS: Choi Jin Hyuks character was originally not planned to play such a big role I think. It was because everyone loved him so dearly after the first two episodes that the PD-nims and directors didn’t have another choice but to bring him back again! Thanks god!!!! ❤