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Genre: school life, comedy

Episodes: 1st season – 12 episodes

2nd season – 10 episodes

3rd season – 11 episodes

+ Gokusen: The Movie

Main actress: Nakama Yukie

Main actors: 1st season – Oguri Shun, Matsumoto Jun, Waki Tomohiro

2nd season – Kamenashi Kazuya, Akanishi Jin, Koike Teppei

3rd season – Miura Haruma, Takaki Yuya, Ishiguro Hideo

The Movie – Kamenashi Kazuya, Takaki Yuya, Miura Haruma, Ishiguro Hideo

Story: Yamaguchi Kumiko (Nakama Yukie) is a passionate young teacher who just got her certificate after graduating and can’t wait to take on her first class now. Idealistic as she is she wants to have a lovey-dovey teacher-student relationship with all of her cute little pupils. That seems like an impossible dream though as she’s assigned to class 3-D at an all boys high school. Class 3-D occupies the worst students Yamaguchi could possibly think of. They’re undisciplined, disrespectful and really daring. Everyone else failed to teach them anything at all. But Yamaguchi isn’t a normal teacher. Yamaguchi has some tricks up her sleeve… for example that she’s the granddaughter to a big Yakuza-Boss (japanese mafia) and had martial arts training when she was young. Class 3-D needs to be prepared – here comes “Yankumi”, the most unique teacher you’ve ever seen!

1st season:

2nd season:

3rd season:

Own opinion: It’s my favourite drama of all times! The first and only one I’ve ever spend money on so that I can have the original DVDs at home. It  lacks many things if you’re looking for a story with a lot of different genres and twists and surprises ect. “Gokusen” is as simple as a drama can be – which doesn’t necessarily mean it’s bad.

If you’re into japanese dramas you’ll definitly recognize some of those names I wrote down. They’re all quite famous in their home country, some for their acting skills and some for their singing and dancing talent in some boy groups. Either way these are names you should remember sooner or later. They’ll come up a lot in good japanese series. But back to the point: “Gokusen” is neither melodramatic nor really romantic or complicated. It revolves around “Yankumi” and the problems she’s facing with her students. Some of them have trouble with their parents, girlfriends, future dreams and other things high school guys need to think about. It’s a heartwarming story about friendship, trust, self confidence and learning to forgive someone.

There is a manga which was the model for this drama but I haven’t read it because – honestly – I don’t like the drawings. Nevertheless you can clearly tell that they’ve put in a lot of effort to make it as manga-like as possible. Every single character is simply lovely, the friendships between those guys really adorable and Yankumi the most hilarious hero I’ve ever seen! Personally, I like the second season the most but that’s just because Akanishi Jin and Kamenashi Kazuya were/are members of my favourite japanese boy group called KAT-TUN. Plus Koike Teppei! I just love that guy! Asian drama fans are confronted with baby-faces each and every day but Koike Teppei has the most baby-faced baby-face I’ve ever seen in my whole life! The ultimate baby-face you could say. But really, isn’t he just the cutest thing on earth?! >.<

The acting is – as most of the times –  a little over the top but that’s what I like about japanese dramas. They’re so carefree and hilarious! On the other hand “Gokusen” can also teach you a lot. I always feel like thinking about me and my life after I watched it. The moral at the end of each episode’s quite obvious which, nevertheless, doesn’t change the fact that it’s true.

Rating: 9 / 10 – the only thing that annoys me are those totally senseless one-sided-love-scenes of Yankumi. Pretty unnecessary.