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Genre: action, thriller, romance, comedy

Episodes: 20

Main actresses: Park Min Young, Kim Mi Kyung

Main actors: Ji Chang Wook, Yoo Ji Tae

Story: The job of a night courier is not only dangerous and oftentimes highly illegal but also a place where one must be able to fight and stand up for himself in every situation. Strong and beast like Seo Jung Hoo (Ji Chang Wook), codename “Healer”, is the most famous night errand guy in Seoul and its neighbourhood who only accepts the toughest jobs with the highest payment. One day, popular broadcasting reporter Kim Moon Ho (Yoo Ji Tae) hires the “Healer” to find and protect a certain person for him. Seo Jung Hoo has to go undercover and disguises himself as clumsy and shy news reporter “Bong Soo” to find a job at a news company. There, he not only meets Kim Moon Ho himself but also a girl named Chae Young Shin (Park Min Young), an enthusiastic, strong willed and good hearted person with the goal to become the most famous broadcasting reporter in South Korea! And while Sung Hoo’s desperately trying to perfect his act as “Bong Soo” is his real business – the night courier job – slowly starting to draw its dingy circles arround him…


Own opinion: MUST WATCH!!! I can’t believe I’m saying this but… “Healer” really did what none other drama was able to do until now: It shoved my second favourite drama “Bad Guy” out of its place! O.o I mean: I LOVE “Bad Guy” since Kim Nam Gil is my favourite actor and the genre of melodramas basically my most beloved one… but “Healer”… really now… what’s this? What did you do to me?! XDD

Whoever created the story, whoever directed the scenes and whoever casted the actors and actresses for this one… I so want to thank them for doing their job perfectly perfect even to the tiniest detail! The action scenes are awesomely cool; the music harmonizes with every word spoken, every look given and every move made in such a breathtaking way that one wonders which genius might be behind this work of art; the acting by every main character is so intriguing that my feelings got all mixed up since I could hardly decide for whom I should root!

There’s not even one single person I disliked to the point of hate but so many lovable people that there was not one dull moment during the show. Wherever and at whomever the drama focused didn’t matter for I was excited at each and every story on its own! I watched “Healer” weeks ago but I’m still kind of enchanted by its perfectness… so impressive! ❤

Ji Chang Wook as “Seo Jung Hoo” a.k.a. “Bong Soo” did such an awesome performance by displaying so many different layers of a person in just one moment that I wondered how the hell he was still as unfamous as any other random actor in SK before “Healer”! Acting a cool, foreclosed and mysterious guy like Seo Jung Hoo who’s undercover acting as clumsy, warm hearted and friendly “Bong Soo” who, sometimes, has to go undercover as well and act like a sophisticated and realiable chaebol but still display certain character traits of Bong Soo must’ve been a really difficult task to do! Still, Ji Chang Wook mastered this job like he’s never done anything else and so great at that that I was really able to see all three “characters” he’s displaying in one of these awesome undercover-undercover-mission moments!

Plus I really love the way how randomly normal Seo Jung Hoo is at home! 😀 Normally, especially main guys in kdramas tend to be overly perfect and would walk around in a suit even when they bake or cook. Not so this time – the oh-so-cool Healer is not only eating simple microwave food (which doesn’t look healthy, by the way) but also lazily lying around in grey and worn out sweatpants with some comfortable shirts and simple slippers. XDD Sooo cute!

Park Min Young on the other hand was already one of the most beloved South Korean actresses even before “Healer” which’s why her doing a perfect job was to be expected. She’s infamous for always picking projects which later on turn out to be absolutely brilliant and successful; and so she did again with this one! I love her “Chae Young-Shin” in the drama because this girl is neither annoyingly weak nor uncertain of her feelings or unreasonably unforgiving. She’s simply to die for cute and funny! >.<

Rating: 10 / 10 – When something’s as perfect as “Healer” we should recognize it and give it the love it deserves! 😉



You’re Beautiful

Genre: romance, gender-bender, music, comedy

Episodes: 16

Main actress: Park Shin Hye

Main actors: Jang Geun Suk, Jung Yong Hwa, Lee Hong Ki

Story: The famous idol group A.N.Jell is loved and adored by many fans. Unfortunately, main vocal Hwang Tae Kyeongs (Jang Geun Suk) voice is hurting so they decided to add a new member: Ko Mi Nam (Park Shin Hye). The problem is that Mi Nam is currently in the states to undergo plastic surgery on his eyes. He begs his twin sister Go Mi Nyeo (also played by Park Shin Hye) to take his place in the band as long as he’s in the hospital. Since she doesn’t want to ruin her brothers dream Mi Nyeo agrees and disguises herself as a guy to enter A.N.Jell. That her act brings many problems along isn’t surprising: First of all how is she going to live together with three guys without being discovered as a girl? Second the main vocalist/songwriter/guitarist Tae Kyeong turns out to be a total jerk and makes Mi Nyeos life as hard as possible. And third: The life of an Idol isn’t to be underestimated!

Just a few days after Mi Nyeo entered A.N.Jell discovers guitarist Kang Shin Woo (Jung Yong Hwa) her secret but due to his nice and soft nature keeps it to himself. Only that his discovery shows aftereffects: He starts to feel something for Mi Nyeo. Even Tae Kyeong eventually finds out that she’s a girl and he, too, begins to fall for her. Last but not least is bright and funny drummer Jeremy (Lee Hong Ki) captured by Mi Nyeos cute image despite the fact that he thinks she’s a guy. Three love driven guys and a girl who’s still convinced her act isn’t discovered yet – how is that going to work out?


One of the most adorable scenes in the whole drama: A.N.Jell going grocery shopping… more or less. ;D

Own opinion: It was the first korean drama I’ve ever watched right after the japanese “Hana Kimi” and led me to the korean music industry. Looking back I totally liked it but thinking about it now feels different.

The story is cute but honestly: No matter how you look at it – Park Shin Hye doesn’t seem manly at all. I thought so back then and I think so now. Her face, her body, her voice – everything literally screams “girl”!

Aside from that is “You’re Beautiful” really nice. Yes, the character design is totally obvious – one jerk, one angel and one clown next to a shy and ridiculously innocent girl. Yes, the story takes it a step too far by making all three guys fall for her. Yes, that the-jerk-wins-while-the-nice-guys-end-up-having-nothing plot is annoying and unrealistic. BUT we can’t forget: It’s a korean drama. It isn’t supposed to be realistic. “You’re Beautiful” serves every imaginable cliché possible. And I know that many people like that.

As for me… it was nice back then because I didn’t know better. But since I’ve watched a dozen japanese and korean dramas now and saw some really really awesome ones I wouldn’t say it’s that great anymore. It’s a simple one – nothing for the brain but for the heart. Cute and emotional even though a little exaggerated.

Rating: 5 1/2 points out of 10. I’m honestly sorry for every fan out there but it’s my opinion and I really do think the plot and design of the whole drama is a little bit too simple for more.

PS: The japanese version is called “Ikemen desu ne” but due to the not-so-interesting plot and because I usually don’t like remakes is it still on my not-watched-yet list. 😉

Coffee Prince

Genre: romance, comedy, gender-bender

Episodes: 17 + 1 special episode

Main actresses: Yoon Eun Hye, Chae Jung An

Main actors: Gong Yoo, Lee Sun Kyun, Kim Chang Wan, Kim Dong Wook, Kim Jae Wook, Lee Eon

Story: Go Eun Chan (Yoon Eun Hye) is a young hard working girl who’s doing all kind of small jobs to pay off the depts of her family. On her way to earn as much money as possible is no time to concern herself with maintaining a womans female image and she ends up looking boyish enough to be mistaken for a guy. Choi Han Gyul (Gong Yoo) on the other hand is the rich heir to a big food company and constantly pestered by his grandmother to go on blind dates and finally settle down. Not enough with that is she also giving him the task to run a filthy coffee shop which’s on the verge of going bankrupt. One day Han Gyul coincidentally bumps into Eun Chan and grabs the chance by the collar: Thinking she’s a guy is he offering her money to play his gay lover so that his grandmother eventually leaves him alone with all her women. Eun Chan, always in Need of money, accepts the challenge and is also hired by him to work at his coffee shop called “Coffee Prince” where only male workers are allowed to serve. Alongside other adorable characters are they trying to safe the shop from going down. Problems arise when somewhere in the middle of everything Eun Chan and Han Gyul start to develop feelings for each other: How can she confess when he thinks that she’s a guy? And how is he going to accept his – alleged – homosexuality?

Trailer (I searched for a better one but every other video is full of spoilers so… I’m sorry! -.- ):

Own opinion: It’s the third korean drama I’ve watched and still one of my favourites! “Coffee Shop” made Yoon Eun Hye my most beloved actress next to Song Ji Hyo and I really like every character involved here. The whole plot feels like drinking a coffee flavoured with sugar and cinnamon: Sweet and a little bit bitter with a slightly surprising taste after swallowing it down.

I totally love it that the main female character really looks like it could be easy to mistake her for a boy. Most of the times gender-bender dramas tend to choose an actress who’s definitly too cute and/or womanly to be male and it seems almost annoyingly fictitious that other people think she’s a guy. Not so in “Coffee Prince”! I’m not saying that Yoon Eun Hye isn’t attractive or anything but back then she was still childlike enough to make her appear really manly. I also think it’s a nice touch that Eun Chan isn’t really trying to appear male to anyone per se. She’s just herself and not interested in dresses, make-up and such. She doesn’t want to fool the people around her – they simply misunderstand her.

The other thing about “Coffee Prince” that I totally adore is the conflict of Han Gyul confronting his homosexuality – which isn’t really one since the guy he falls for is in truth a girl but it’s nice to watch him being all confused nontheless! The korean society tends to hush up this topic even though everyone knows it exists. I think it’s greatly implemented in this drama – both the problems you face with the society and the ones you must fight out with yourself.

Rating: 9 / 10. One point minus because I think it’s a great drama but it just takes more for me to make it a full-point one. It’s nice, fluffy and cute. The side story of the other couple’s a little annoying but okay and the additional characters sooo darn adorable! All in all a sweet, funny and romantic story no one should miss.